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Summer in the City: 115 Seattle Cravings

When the weather turns warm, dive into these 115 victuals and rituals of Seattle summer.

By 3063Allison Austin Scheff with Alicia Arter, Lorna Yee, Cayla Lambier, Jana Moseley and Jennifer Lee May 27, 2011


This article originally appeared in the June 2011 issue of Seattle magazine.

We get kind of funny this time of year.

The temp hits 70 degrees (fingers crossed!) and suddenly our car windows are down, our sunglasses are permanently affixed to our faces, and we’re always thirsty for something cold and fizzy. Must be summertime! Barbecue, ice cream, an awesome fish taco—the change in weather changes the way we eat, too, so we’ve rounded up our favorite rituals and victuals for when the weather turns warm and the sun never seems to set.

Of course, a Seattle summer isn’t complete without its classic activities—sun-soaked ferry trips, laid-back bike rides, outdoor arts and entertainment. And for those of you who think you’ve been there, done that, we’ve got ways to refresh a few standards of the summer repertoire. Got your shades on? Let’s dive into summer, food first.

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