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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Whistler in May

From festivals to multisports to special deals on dining

By Chloe Kramer April 16, 2017


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Growing up, my family’s spring vacation tradition was going to Whistler. Perhaps it seems unorthodox to attend a Winter destination in the Spring, but really, when it comes to Whistler, we discovered there’s no such thing as an off-season. I still remember how long the four-hour drive felt in anticipation of the crystalline skies, glistening snowcaps, and delicious restaurants, not to mention days at the pool!

Here are the top five reasons to visit Whistler in May.

Long Spring days on the slopes

Photo credit: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

While things are warming up in Seattle, Blackcomb’s peaks are still covered with snow in May. This buys visitors more time in winter wonderland, if that’s what you call heaven. Not to mention, there’s more daylight so you can hit the slopes for longer.

A whole multisport world comes alive

Photo credit: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

My family and I weren’t skiers, ironically, but we found that at Whistler in May, warm-weather sports and culture breathe new life into the surrounding valley, lakes, and village. Whistler has some top-rated golf courses, as well as an assortment of waterways perfect for kayaking, fishing, paddling, and even rafting.

My family loved the opportunity to go mountain biking and hiking, especially. There’s just something about that Whistler mud in your boots!

It’s cheaper to stay and dine

Photo credit: Tourism Whistler/Andrew Strain

My parents had a time-share in Whistler during this time, and it was literally thousands of dollars cheaper to stay in the Spring than the Winter, for basically the same amenities. Many of Whistler’s restaurants offer dining specials on everything from low-key pub food to fine dining and multi-course meals, and the shops are full of sales.

There are also deals on accommodations, and since you’ll need more than once day to enjoy it all, you can extend your stay with moderate rooms from $75 USD per night. May is a great month for families on a budget!

There are two great events over May’s long Victoria Day weekend

Photo credit: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

May 19-22, Whistler puts on the big summer kick-off festival Go Fest, which includes live music, sports events and clinics, film showings, and more. This long weekend in May also brings the Bici Gusti Gourmet Ride, a feast for the senses that takes 70 cyclists through the scenic Whistler and Callaghan valleys that culminates in a grand, well-deserved dinner.

These events bring an influx of new and different people to the village, and fun activities for the whole family—I especially loved the bouldering walls in the village as a kid.

Spring beauty

Photo credit: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

No one in my family skied or snowboarded, ironically, but we loved to ride the ski lifts for the sights on the way up and the view out of the windows as we enjoyed mountaintop dining. We also enjoyed long hours by the hotel pool and in the spas and saunas, made more sustainable in the warmer weather.

Really, the altogether sunnier and greener Spring surroundings make the already beautiful scenery of Whistler a downright spiritual experience.

But don’t take my word for it—plan your Whistler trip now and in just a few weeks, you can be experiencing all this for yourself.


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