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Vote: The Seattle Magazine 2018 Readers’ Choice Washington Wine Awards

Cast your votes for the best Washington wine experiences!

By Seattle Magazine Staff March 13, 2018


This August, Seattle magazine is publishing the winners of our 13th annual Seattle magazine Washington Wine Awards. Winners of the tasting portion will be selected by a panel of local wine experts, including Seattle magazine wine writer Paul Zitarelli.

But we’re also looking to our readers to help us determine winners of a couple of categories in service and experiences. These categories are presented in partnership with Washington Wine (formerly the Washington State Wine Commission). (Nominees have been put forth by our esteemed wine awards nominating panel, and you can also cast a write-in vote!)

Vote for your favorites now! Winners will appear in the August issue of Seattle magazine.

See the survey below or fill it out here. Entries are due by April 10.

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Here’s a cheat sheet to illustrate what we’re looking for in each category:

Retail Wine Steward of the Year

This award goes to an individual who is committed to the sales of Washington State wine. Continually working on educating themselves in the world of wine and raising awareness and demand for Washington State wine. This individual is a true champion of the industry. Must work in a retail shop, grocery store or online retailer located in Washington state. Please make sure to include their place of work/business. Previous Winners: Jeff Cox PCC, Jennifer Ciuchta QFC

Best Restaurant to Experience Washington Wine

This award will go to a Puget Sound area restaurant that demonstrates exceptional opportunities for consumer to taste Washington State Wine through wine lists, wine tasting events and special dinners wine service & staff training. Wine lists should have philosophy, creativity and lead off with or feature a separate category for Washington wines. Wine lists must have at least 12 Washington Wines to qualify. Events may include Washington wine dinners, tastings, events, flight promotions or specials in Taste Washington, Washington Wine Month and other local wine events. Note: top five nominees will be expected to produce evidence of their wine list, events, staff service and training and write a statement summarizing their Washington wine program. * In order to provide our readers with new information, previous winners of this award will be not be eligible for this award: Heavy Restaurant Group, Barking Frog, Anthony’s, The Herbfarm, Salty’s, Aqua, SkyCity at the Needle, Sun Mountain Lodge, Canlis, The Metropolitan Grill, Visconti’s, The Marc

See the winners of last year’s Wine Awards here.


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