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Perfect Pastries

Perfect Pastries

With the right accompaniment, a good cup of coffee plays on a much larger stage. Here are some of ou

The figgy maple scone from Volunteer Park Café is utter perfection. Buttery, with bits of fig scattered about in the flaky dough, it may be the best in town. Capitol Hill, 1501 17th Ave. E; 206.328.3155; No local bakery can match James Miller’s croissant expertise at his decade-old Café Besalu. Pull it apart slowly…

Spotlight Shorts: City Arts Fest, 100 Ways & more

Local art that matters

 ARTS FESTS Two new arts events erupt all over town this monthJust when you thought it was time to crawl into your winter cave, gloomy October is proving itself to be quite the festive month for artsy goings-on in Seattle. The first City Arts Fest (10/20–10/23; times, prices and venues vary;, helmed by Michael…

Datebook: Andy Reynolds

Don't miss the work of Andy Reynolds, known for his hyper-real, alternately funny and disturbing por

9/3–10/3 Local photographer Andy Reynolds, who shot Spotlight Award winners Jody Kuehner, Ricki Mason and Debra Baxter for this issue (Fall Arts Preview article) has become known for his hyper-real, alternately funny and disturbing portraits of people caught in the act of something odd (a woman being consumed by a vacuum cleaner; a staged family…

Editor's Note: The Steaks are High

Editor’s Note: The Steaks are High

Meat is in, it's not only Lady Gaga going ga-ga over meat

When Lady Gaga donned her meat dress for the MTV Video Music Awards the week before we shipped this magazine to the printer, it wasn’t quite what we had in mind to bring attention to meat. (But seriously, didn’t that dress drape nicely? And butcher string to lace up the “shoes”? Brilliant. Note to self:…

Seattle Coffee Guide: The Independent Shops

Caffè Umbria Pioneer Square SHOP founded in 2005 (Company founded in 2002)Beans: Caffè UmbriaMost popular drink: AmericanoWi-Fi: None (gasp!)Caffè Umbria is a split shot: one part Pioneer Square (exposed brick) and one part Perugia (Italian tile and ceramic). OK, make that two parts Perugia: Not only is the espresso machine imported from Italy, so is…

October 2010: Must List

Our top to-do's for the month

 Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso Unless you’ve been working at the International Space Station for the past six months, you’re probably aware there’s a Picasso exhibit in Seattle this fall. It’s a genuine big deal, featuring more than 150 works—representing all 80 years of Pablo Picasso’s career—pulled from his personal collection, by which he…

Urban Safari: The Melrose Project

Urban Safari: The Melrose Project

The new Melrose Project is a true marketplace, featuring an eclectic abundance of goods—all with an

Nestled inTO the triangular block of a remodeled 1920s-era automotive shop on Capitol Hill between Pike and Pine along Melrose Avenue (across the street from Bauhaus Books & Coffee), the new Melrose Project is a true marketplace, featuring an eclectic abundance of goods—all with an emphasis on local. This urban refuge amid old-growth-timber beams, steel…


Don't miss this captivating film that follows young women's terrifying stories in the Democratic Rep

The first production in Intiman’s new five-year International Cycle (in which the theater collaborates with artists and companies from across the globe), Ruined traces the tragic story of young women faced with unspeakable violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite the horrors of their rain-forest brothel, the women survive—sometimes on crumbs of hope and…

Summer Guide 2010: Waterfront & Bainbridge Island

Nothing reminds you of why you live here like a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island.

Waterfront Many locals try to steer clear of downtown during the summer months, but here are just a few reasons to venture forth among the out-of-towners. On the waterfront at Pier 66, try the mahi mahi tacos from the walk-up counter at Anthony’s Fish Bar (2201 Alaskan Way; 206.448.6688; Sitting on the patio right…

Hot Button: Spirited Debate

Although previous attempts have failed, in November Washington voters will have a double shot at get

Two measures that would allow Washingtonians to buy bourbon and bacon in the same establishment—and take the state government out of the $849 million–per-year business of selling and distributing hard liquor altogether—are headed for the November ballot. Depending on your persuasion, the initiatives, if passed, will either end the state’s Prohibition-era monopoly, thus giving consumers…

Seattle Coffee Guide: The Iconic Shops

From Bauhaus to Zeitgeist, our picks for Seattle's iconic shops

Bauhaus Books & Coffee Capitol Hill, founded in 1993Beans: Lighthouse (exclusive house blend)Most popular drink: Americano Wi-Fi: FreeUsing the name Bauhaus demonstrates, to use a German term, cojones. Are you comparing yourself to history’s most famous design school, history’s most famous Goth band, or both? Bauhaus, the coffeehouse, is flirting with legendary status itself: As…

October 2010: Parental Guidance

Local news, tips and products for families

Ahead of the class In the latest revolution to hit Seattle, the insurgents are kids armed with knives—and a desire to learn to cook. Called Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Seattle (JOFRS), it’s the brainchild of Suzuki+Chou PR maven Hsiao-Ching Chou, former Seattle Post-Intelligencer food editor and a regular contributor to the Balancing Act blog at…


Seattle's indie darling Hey Marseilles goes national

Although early-’90s alt-rockers Toad the Wet Sprocket may technically be headlining an upcoming show at the Moore Theatre, we’re willing to bet opening band Hey Marseilles is the reason most people snap up tickets. Started in 2006 by Nick Ward, Matt Bishop and Philip Kobernik while students at the University of Washington, the band has…

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