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Don’t Double-Dip During Sunday’s Super Bowl

Washington state’s favorite snack food is…

By Rob Smith February 6, 2024


This article originally appeared in the March/April 2024 issue of Seattle magazine.

Who doesn’t like a seven-layer dip?

I’m guessing you do, because Google analytics data reveals that party appetizer seven-layer dip is the most popular Super Bowl snack in Seattle.

For the uninitiated, the main ingredients of a seven-layer dip revolve around refried beans, guacamole, cheese, black olives, sour cream, and salsa or pico.

Your Super Bowl party may also include Buffalo chicken dip and pigs in a blanket. At least that’s what Google says.

OK, I admit that Google analytics (as analyzed by casino guide isn’t the most scientific survey method. But there’s got to be some reason we’re all searching for it. 

Dips are the most sought-after culinary category in 26 states, with Buffalo chicken dip No. 1 across the United States, making Washington somewhat of an outlier. It’s easy to find seven-layer dip at Seattle restaurants, and some of our favorites include Barrio Mexican Kitchen & Bar, The Yard Café, Rosita’s Mexican Restaurant, and El Grito Taqueria. There are more, as well as many make-at-home recipes you can find with a simple search.

Just don’t pull a George Costanza, the character in Seinfeld who was pilloried for double-dipping at a party. You know better.

Chips, anyone?

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