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Seattle's indie darling Hey Marseilles goes national

Although early-’90s alt-rockers Toad the Wet Sprocket may technically be headlining an upcoming show at the Moore Theatre, we’re willing to bet opening band Hey Marseilles is the reason most people snap up tickets. Started in 2006 by Nick Ward, Matt Bishop and Philip Kobernik while students at the University of Washington, the band has…

Summer Guide 2010: Wallingford

You know it

You know it’s summer when the lines at Molly Moon’s (1622 N 45th St.; 206.547.5105; stretch around the block and fleets of kites are flying high at Gas Works Park. WallingfordGrab a sidewalk seat for the Wallingford Kiddies Parade (July 10, 11a.m.; 206.632.3165;, in which children show off the true meaning of “pageantry.”…

Grey Matters: Life After the Jetsons

Grey Matters: Life After the Jetsons

Seattle Center was born in the Space Age, but as it approaches its 50th anniversary, the issues are

There’s nothing so antique as the future. Seattle Center embodies that. The site of the Century 21 Exposition in 1962, it remains a Space Age fly caught in amber. There are few old world’s fair sites as intact as ours. The Space Needle, the monorail, the “space gothic” arches of the Science Center, all now…

Datebook: Recess Monkey

This popular trio of Seattle elementary schoolteachers write and perform wacky, Beatles-influenced s

9/18 This popular trio of Seattle elementary schoolteachers write and perform wacky, Beatles-influenced sing-along songs about subjects such as moon boots and a “Ukulalien” (a ukulele-playing alien, of course). But the best part about these 6-year-olds-at-heart is that their music is good enough that parents actually enjoy it too. Join in for foot-stomping, hand-clapping, chicken-dancing romps…

Restaurant Review: Nettletown

Sitting at the four-seat counter inside petite, robin’s-egg-blue Nettletown, which opened in the old Sitka and Spruce space in March, I had the urge to cancel my entire afternoon so I could sit sipping chef/owner Christina Choi’s homemade herbal tea and work my way through everything that sounded delicious on that day’s specials menu. Like…

Scoop: W.C. Afield

If nature calls while you're in the Wedgewood neighborhood, make use of Seattle's first public compo

W.C. AfieldGardeners at Wedgwood’s Picardo Farm P-Patch have new cause for relief—a composting toilet. Similar to toilets installed on U.S. Forest Service land, the Clivus Multrum M54 Trailhead single-station model arrived on the scene in April, acquired and installed with the help of a $15,000 City Neighborhood Matching Fund award. Dubbed “the Picaloo” by the…

Seattle Coffee Guide: Coffee Shop Combos

Find unique blends at These Seattle shops where sipping is no longer a singular obsession

BARK! ESPRESSO Bring Fido for a cup of joe where dogs and their humans can mingle with their coffee (roasted by Caffe Vita) in the Hound Hang Out Café located next door at GREAT DOG. Canine-less customers are also welcome to their own haven right inside BARK! 11335 Roosevelt Way N.E. 206.364.0185 SIP AND SHIPSipping,…

Style: Parisian Flair with Carolin Meesier

Restaurateur Carolin Messier adds dramatic European finesse to her locally gathered vintage wardrobe

WHY WE LOVE IT: From her bright red lipstick to the ever-present pearls, north Capitol Hill resident Carolin Messier would have looked perfectly at ease in a 1940s French film noir, sipping café coffee in a sassy, tailored suit and Mary Jane heels. The spirited sometime pastry chef and full-time owner of the Harvest Vine…

Datebook: Pavement

Pavement--One of the first bands in America to embody the term “alternative rock”

9/5 One of the first bands in America to embody the term “alternative rock,” Pavement came onto the scene in the early ’90s. Playing together for the first time in 10 years, their “one time only” reunion tour will feature the California–based band’s biggest songs (also celebrated on their album Quarantine: The Best of Pavement,…

Editor’s Note: The Outsiders

If you aspire to be “an outsider” but fall in the clueless category like me, this is the issue for y

The Outsiders We all have that friend—the one we admire for his or her ability to do something for which we are completely missing a gene. It may be the friend who effortlessly throws lavish dinner parties. Or the one who remembers every special occasion and every birthday. For me, it’s my friends who are…

Perfect Pastries

Perfect Pastries

With the right accompaniment, a good cup of coffee plays on a much larger stage. Here are some of ou

The figgy maple scone from Volunteer Park Café is utter perfection. Buttery, with bits of fig scattered about in the flaky dough, it may be the best in town. Capitol Hill, 1501 17th Ave. E; 206.328.3155; No local bakery can match James Miller’s croissant expertise at his decade-old Café Besalu. Pull it apart slowly…

Spotlight Shorts: City Arts Fest, 100 Ways & more

Local art that matters

 ARTS FESTS Two new arts events erupt all over town this monthJust when you thought it was time to crawl into your winter cave, gloomy October is proving itself to be quite the festive month for artsy goings-on in Seattle. The first City Arts Fest (10/20–10/23; times, prices and venues vary;, helmed by Michael…

Datebook: Andy Reynolds

Don't miss the work of Andy Reynolds, known for his hyper-real, alternately funny and disturbing por

9/3–10/3 Local photographer Andy Reynolds, who shot Spotlight Award winners Jody Kuehner, Ricki Mason and Debra Baxter for this issue (Fall Arts Preview article) has become known for his hyper-real, alternately funny and disturbing portraits of people caught in the act of something odd (a woman being consumed by a vacuum cleaner; a staged family…

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