5 Portland Restaurants We Wish Would Open in Seattle

The recent arrivals of Salt & Straw and Sizzle Pie got us thinking

Leslie Kelly says Kenny & Zuke’s makes one of the “best Reubens I’ve ever eaten anywhere on either coast.”

Leslie Kelly

Discover Inventive Japanese-Influenced Food and Drinks at New Capitol Hill Spot Tamari Bar

With intricate Japanese whiskey cocktails and creative sushi dishes, it's no surprise this place is already packing people in

Just a bit west on bustling Pine Street from sibling restaurant Suika, Tamari Bar (500 East Pine) opened on Valentine’s…

AJ Rathbun

You Need to Go Try the Japanese Buckwheat Noodles at Kamonegi

One of Seattle's few makers of soba has a new restaurant in Wallingford

Most soba dishes at Kamonegi are available as cold noodles to swipe through a warm dipping sauce (as shown here) or in a bowl of hot soup broth. (And yes, that’s a fish fin in the sake.)

Chelsea Lin

These Colorful Pop-Up Shop Doughnuts Are a Food We Love

Pastry chef Mi Kim's Raised Doughnuts is finding legions of sweet-toothed fans

This article appears in print in the March 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. Pastry chef Mi Kim has tapped into the…

Chelsea Lin

This Seattle Chef Makes Award-Winning Burgers

Brian Cartenuto at Queen City Grill in Belltown beat out Iron Chef Morimoto at the Best of the Burger Bash last year, and he's made Monday into Burger Night in Seattle.

Queen City Grill might be best known for its stellar Italian menu, but — shocker! — this Belltown restaurant also…

Leslie Kelly

These Seattle Convenience Stores Actually Have Great Fried Chicken

Here's your somewhat definitive guide to fried chicken under heat lamps.

For a long time, eating the hot food at a convenience store was a surefire sign of a problem. But…

Chason Gordon

Ballard Bistro Joli’s Ricotta Cavatelli is a Food We Love

Joli's French-Italian food is best in cavatelli form.

This article appears in print in the February 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. A comedic miscommunication with my charming Italian host…

Chelsea Lin

The United States of Food: Seattle’s Boom Is Bringing Food From All Over the Country

When you yearn for a taste of home -- whether that's a Philly cheesesteak or a New England lobster roll -- we're here to help you find it in Seattle.

Never mind those grease stains. Fatty cuts like these ribs and brisket from Jeff’s Texas Style BBQ benefit most from the low-and-slow barbecue method

Chelsea Lin, Naomi Tomky and Megan Lamb

8 Dishes that Prove the West Coast is the Best Coast

Fresh produce and the bounty of the land (and sea) reign supreme.

Kona Kitchen does Hawaiian—and Spam right—on a breakfast plate with eggs, in musubi and on this Da Kanack Attack lunch platter

Chelsea Lin, Naomi Tomky and Megan Lamb