Your Handy Guide to the Best Burgers and Beer in Seattle

Loretta’s Northwesterner at Deluxe Tavern


Bacon, Eggs & Kegs returns Aug. 27 and 28

Third annual event features 20-plus restaurants and 30-plus craft breweries and cideries

Seattleites are serious about brunch, especially when it includes craft beer and bacon bingo. A fabulous event that marries all three delights is coming back for its third and biggest brunch yet. Bacon, Eggs & Kegs, as it is known, comes to CenturyLink Field’s North Plaza from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Aug. 27…


Hunting for Majestic Porcini Mushrooms

How to use these meaty mushrooms found in the woods

To the English, they’re “penny buns.” French speakers know them as cèpes, Germans say steinpilz. Here, in mushroom-hunting circles, we commonly call them kings, short for king boletes. On restaurant menus you’re more apt to see the Italian word for them, porcini (meaning “little pigs”), since this is the term of commerce for this mushroom…


Learn About the Source of Food at Quillisascut Farm School

At Quillisascut, food lovers learn the A–Z of the domestic arts

Years before the current farm-to-table trend hit Seattle, Rick and Lora Lea Misterly were carting baskets of their small-batch goat cheese from their farm in Rice, Washington, to the kitchen doors of small, chef-owned restaurants around the city. Today, after the farm’s 25 years of slow but steady growth, cheese isn’t the only thing they…


The Best Getaways for Food and Wine Lovers

Seattle has no shortage of great dining options, but sometimes eating out is about the journey

Eating your fill takes on a whole new meaning when you travel to these destinations. It’s all about the food you experience, from highbrow to low and everything in between. PortlandYou say you’re going to Portland for the forested hikes, the riverside views and the tax-free shopping. But let’s face it—you’re really just going to…


East Anchor Seafood Market and Oyster Bar Offers A Fresh Catch

Shopping at an envy-inducing neighborhood market

A twinge of jealousy struck me upon entering East Anchor Seafood, Kayley Turkheimer and Brian Clevenger’s tiny seafood market and oyster bar in Madrona. As a fish fiend, I’m envious of the folks who live nearby and can stop in for the chef’s giant crab cakes or take-home wild salmon fillets. The market opened in…


Seattle Social Media Stars: The Foodie Network

From adventurous home cooks to rising stars, these locals' feeds will have your mouth watering

Aran [email protected] 268K on Twitter 26K A Basque expat, Aran Goyoaga studied business and economics and earned an MBA before attending culinary school. She’s published one cookbook, Small Plates & Sweet Treats ($29.99, Little, Brown and Company), and her blog, Cannelle et Vanille, has twice been chosen as a finalist for a James Beard Award….


Tomorrow’s Tastemakers: Jonathan Proville of Il Corvo

Welcome to Tomorrow’s Tastemakers, a recurring column that focuses on Seattle’s new guard of culinary influencers. Jonathan Proville, 31, is one of the rockstar cooks at Il Corvo. He was born in Los Angeles to French parents, who moved the family back to France when J.J. was 10. He went to college in Montreal for…


All the Details on the Forthcoming Willows Inn Cookbook

!–paging_filter–pWhen Joe Ray called, saying he felt like spilling some beans, I had an inkling that it might something big. a href=”” target=”_blank”Ray’s/a writing and photographs have been featured in The Boston Globe, the New York Times and dozens of other publications. He wrote a story on Riley Starks’a href=”” target=”_blank” chicken butchery workshop for…


Why Alaska’s Pebble Mine Matters in Seattle

What happens in Bristol Bay doesn’t stay in Bristol Bay: the battle over the Pebble Mine.

Salmon spawn in our rivers, climb our fish ladders, adorn everything from totem poles to T-shirts and grace our plates. They are synonymous with Seattle. And we spend a great deal of time and effort trying to protect their habitat close to home. These days, most of our wild salmon come from Alaska, in particular,…


Café Nordo’s Compelling New Food Manifesto

Wending through the creaky, unlit passages that served as intermissions during the nearly four-hour long Café Nordo’s Cabinet of Curiosities “show”, I couldn’t stop thinking about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Not the gory, traumatizing moments in the movie (I still get chills around long stretches of patterned carpet)—but, specifically, the scene where Jack Nicholson’s character…


The Must List: Remember Rin Tin Tin, Eat Pasta, and Scream as Loud as You Can

MUST SCREAMHorror Film Exhibit at EMPRest up your vocal cords—EMP’s new exhibit Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film explores the human fascination with scary movies. Indulge in classic film screenings (such as Nosferatu, Bride of Frankenstein and The Exorcist), iconic artifacts (the axe from The Shining and Freddy Krueger’s original glove) and the…

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