Behind the Scenes: We’re All Wrapped Up in Shiro’s New Memoir

We’ve just put our December issue to bed, and one of the features we’re really excited about is our exclusive excerpt from a new memoir by Seattle’s iconic sushi chef, Shiro Kashiba (Shiro’s in Belltown is his namesake restaurant). Shiro: Wit, Wisdom & Recipes From a Sushi Pioneer is not only a fascinating read, it’s…


My Dad Sent Me This: Two Dogs Eating at the Table

Remember when everyone used to send emails with 15 forwards intact and you had to scroll to the very bottom of the page and then it ended up being some stupid joke that wasn’t worth your time anyway? Well, my dad still sends those sometimes (a lot). But this time? My two major life loves–dogs…


Why the Best Friends Are Farmers…And Goats

Prepare to feel pangs of jealousy! A girlfriend messaged yesterday to ask if I was free to accompany her to a unique fundraiser that night that her date was too sick to attend. Not just any fundraiser, but a dinner at Western Bridge owners William and Ruth True’s house in Madison Park. A dinner featuring…


Homemade in Seattle: A Fungus Lover’s Cookbook

Seattle-based photographer Stephanie Joy Billmayer, 29, shared these photos of her recent homemade project, a book of mushroom recipes called ‘Fungiculture.’ Because the book seems to celebrate both craftiness and cooking with fresh produce, I figured it might be of interest to Seattle mag readers. To make the book, first, Stephanie bought a vintage Good…


The Next Wave of Tastemakers, 2011

A roster of men and women who are poised to become the Seattle dining scene’s next notable names.

Neil Robertsonpastry chef The man whose subtlety with flavor and illustrious stints at both Canlis and Mistral Kitchen made him Seattle’s biggest name in pastry, left his post at Mistral Kitchen earlier this year to go out on his own. But he’ll be back soon: Robertson (here, munching on one of his specialties, the French…


Who’s Serving Who? The State of Service in Seattle

The customer may not always be right, but don't we have any rights?

There’s an American Express poll that repeats like a broken record inside my brain. It’s dated by now—a restaurant critic mentor quoted it to me a decade ago—but the gist is that the majority of people make the decision of whether to return to a restaurant based on the service. Not on the food. Not…


Book Bindery: Best New Restaurant 2011

A Queen Anne spot where environs are just as elegant as the food coming out of the kitchen.

True, chef Shaun McCrain has an impressive background that includes Thomas Keller’s fine-dining beacon Per Se in New York City. And his signature dishes, such as the pork belly and melon appetizer ($14) and caramelized scallops ($25), are unapologetically focused on technique and composition. But that doesn’t impress as much as the fact that the…



Fun, accessible, spicy Korean dishes in a supremely likable, upbeat space

We’re admittedly a bit of a broken record when it comes to chefs Seif Chirchi and Rachel Yang: The couple’s first restaurant, Joule, serves some of the best and most original globe-trotting cuisine going in Seattle. Now at Revel, the casual “street food”–inspired Korean spot they opened in Fremont last winter, they’ve done it again:…


The Vashon Island Diet

Why hundreds of local residents have gotten on board—and dropped hundreds of pounds.

MOST PEOPLE AGREE THAT dieting is easier when you do it with a buddy. If you live on Vashon Island, diet buddies are everywhere. That’s because a new diet plan—called the “TQI Diet” (“to quiet inflammation”)—has become so popular on the island that an estimated 15 percent of the adults there have signed up for…


World Pizza Returns

Hail the return of a king.

Owners and brothers Adam Cone and Aaron Crosleycone (a mash-up of his and his wife’s last names) told me they’d painted the second coming of World Pizza a bright tomato red to combat the gray Seattle sky. It works: The new International District space casts a glow onto the sidewalk outside, luring passersby into the…


Stopsky’s Delicatessen

Most of us don’t need the census numbers to know that the largest concentration of Jewish households in the state is on Mercer Island. The puzzler is why it took this long for a good Jewish deli to open there. Demand, meet supply: Stopsky’s, which opened in May and aims for a modern take on…


Portland’s Best Restaurants

Requisite restaurants for your next food trip to our culinary sister to the south.

Seattle’s food scene enjoys a bit of friendly (or fervent) competition with Portland. The two cities tussle over the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef Northwest award each year, and Seattle’s recent overhaul of its food-truck laws was a blatant attempt to catch up with Portland’s long-standing dominance in the realm of street food. Clusters—or pods—of…

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