The Must List: Washington Brewer’s Festival, Alaska Herring Week and a Video Game Blowout

Your weekly guide to the hottest events in Seattle.

Celebrate herring in many delicious (and nutritious) ways.

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These Seattle Bars and Restaurants Combine Food and Fun

Plan a complete date at these hotspots, which offer more than a good meal.

Beer and bocce collide at Capitol Hill’s Rhein Haus.

Chelsea Lin

The New Guitar Hero is Awesome

I tried the new Guitar Hero Live, launching in October. And it's awesome

Back in February, Engaget reported that Activision would be rebooting its beloved, fake-guitar-strumming franchise Guitar Hero this year after halting…

Lauren Mang

Six Seattle Kickstarter Games to Watch This Summer

Fund or follow these local indie games

Summer’s a great time for outdoor fun in the Pacific Northwest, but it’s also a good time to plan for…

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