Scary or Funny? Baby Thinks Magazines Are Broken iPads

According to whomever made the video, this 1-year-old baby thinks magazines are broken iPads. You could also argue the baby thinks the magazine has scratch’n’sniff capability. Either way, the baby is being greedy.    


Wood Grain for the iPhone

Lazerwood skins are almost more exciting than the new iPhone itself.


The iPad Joystick

Local gaming company Discovery Bay Games bridges new and old-school gaming.


On the Bright Side: Despite Zune, Microsoft Still on the Map

I know. We’re all bummed that Microsoft’s Zune player has officially gone the way of the cassette tape. But on the bright side: Microsoft has added to its search engine, Bing, a special airport map function that lets you find the Burger King at SeaTac Airport within a moment’s notice. Phew! Back on top.  


Kindle Fire Enters the Tablet-Hunger Games

News of Amazon’s trio of new gadgets released today is spreading like wildfire — namely about the hopeful iPad competitor, Kindle Fire. Local news site Tech Flash reports: The Kindle Fire’s strengths lie in a swift Web browser running on Amazon’s EC2 cloud, Amazon’s souped-up version of the Android app store, connections to the retailer’s…