Should You Consider Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer?

“I recommend that people not get into their head, ‘I need this specific type of test’ from what they read, because it really is a complex decision about what test should be done,” says University of Washington geneticist Robin Bennett. She also notes, “I think that a big barrier that people often feel is worry…


Taking Control of Cancer

What new screening, targeted treatment and genetic testing means for you

Anna Kuwada was 24 years old and newly engaged when she tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation. “My mom was [first] diagnosed with breast cancer at 31,” recalls Kuwada. “She survived, and then, at 54, she was diagnosed in the other breast. This was in 2009. The savvy lady that [my mom] is, she…


Coffee Genes

You may think reaching for that morning cup of coffee is a matter of taste and routine—but researchers say it could be your biology buzzing on caffeine.According to the Coffee and Caffeine Genetics Consortium study, published in Molecular Psychiatry, you may not be able to help your coffee habits. Researchers, which include two from Fred…


Find: Genetics Experts

!–paging_filter–pThese specialists can help you decode your genetic health: br /br /a href=”“strongFuki M. Hisama, M.D./strong/a, Medical Director of the Genetic Medicine Clinic; 206.598.4030; br /a href=”” /br /emSeattle magazine’s 2013 Top Doctors/embr /a href=”“strongKathleen Leppig, M.D./strong/a, genetics, Group Health, Capitol Hill; 206.326.3000; a href=”” br /br /a href=”“strongMargaret L.P. Adam, M.D./strong/a and a href=”“strongIan…


Information Overload?

Do in-home genetic testing kits and body scans give us useful information about our health?

!–paging_filter–pMany of us are compelled, at one point or another, to do a little self-diagnosis when something—an itch here or a pang there—comes up. (WebMD is possibly the bane of many a doc’s existence.) Fortunately or unfortunately, there are more than a few ways to feed our need for self-diagnosis in the health realm, among…


Genetic Gifts

The biotech pioneer on improving science education and creating unprecedented health research

!–paging_filter–pYou need introduce just a hint of a topic to Dr. Lee Hood to get him talking—and you had better be ready to keep up once he does. The National Medal of Science recipient (2011), inventor of the DNA sequencer and co-founder of 15 different biotech companies, including Amgen, has been on the leading edge…

Top Docs ’10 Profiles: Virginia P. Sybert

Virginia P. Sybert, M.D.Specialty: Medical genetics and pediatric dermatologyPractice: Group Health Cooperative, Universityof Washington Medical CenterHospital affiliations: Group Health Cooperative, Overlake Hospital Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, University of Washington Medical CenterMedical degree: State University of New York at BuffaloWhy did you choose your specialty? Peds and genetics, because they were the most exciting fields…

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Publisher’s Note: The True Seattle Influencers

Forget social media. These are the real heroes.

In-flu-ence /ˈinflo͝oəns/. The power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways. An emanation of spiritual or moral force. An ethereal fluid held to flow from the stars and to affect the actions of humans. With all the attention on “influencers” on social media, I think we’ve lost the true meaning of…

Photography by Grant Hindsley

Every Car Has a Story: ‘I don’t own cars. They own me.’

Blake Siebe takes a most unusual approach to car collecting

There are two kinds of car collectors. The vast majority fit into a sort of “check box” mentality of acquiring cars anointed by others as collector worthy. In contrast, a rare category of car collectors, I might venture to say, are the true cognoscenti who discover vehicles that no one is yet appreciating. They relish in…