Gift Ideas for Kids: Toys on Parade

Northwest toys and baby goods—from precious felted animals to teething necklaces.
| Updated: November 27, 2018

Reusable Kids’ Placemats at The Bookstore at Chihuly Garden and Glass
These fun, eco-friendly, nontoxic and erasable placemats offer the active kiddo in your life what may seem to be endless enjoyment. Featuring illustrations by Seattle artist Kate Endle, they are designed to channel the creative spirit in Chihuly’s work to inspire younger generations. Starting at $25, available at The Bookstore at Chihuly Garden and Glass (Seattle Center, 305 Harrison St.;  206.753.4940;


Pajaggle Puzzle Games
This quirky Corvallis, Oregon, company has made “pajaggle” a verb: Its interactive boards provide a launching point for numerous brain-twisting games. Appropriate for kids older than 3 and perfect for your little problem solver, soon you, too, will be asking, “Do you pajaggle?” Available at Top Ten Toys (Pajaggle Jr., $25.75, at Greenwood, 104 N 85th St.; 206.782.0098. Pajaggle, $29.99, at Pacific Place, 600 Pine St.;


Green Foot Forward Eco Deck Playing Cards
Crafted from sustainable-forest paper, starch-based laminating glue and vegetable-based print inks, these Los Angeles–made eco-cards teach fun green facts (one per card!) to your resident poker player whilst they earn some green. $7.50, available at NuBe Green (Capitol Hill, 921 E Pine St.; 206.402.4515;


Earth Art International Coloring Books
These coloring books, crafted by Edmonds artist Sue Coccia, are almost too beautiful to paint. But you’ll have beautiful fridge art to display once your little Picasso does color in the black-and-white sketches of native woodland critters or coastal creatures. $13.95 for 15-page book, available at Top Ten Toys (two locations, including Greenwood, 104 N 85th St.; 206.782.0098;


The Original Jamtown Bag
Best those Partridges by arming your family band with Lake City–based Jamtown’s cool percussion ensemble. The eclectic selection of imported instruments includes a gourd scraper with rasp, goat-hoof shaker, double bell, frame drum and, of course, large coconut claves. Rock on! $99.95, available at


Brinca Dada Wooden Blocks
As at home on the dining room table as in the playroom, Douglas Rollins’ brinca dada teak blocks pose a stacking challenge: Each block is carved by hand, so no two are alike. $60, available at Tottini 


Petit Collage Forest Friends Mobile
This mod Petit Collage forest animal mobile is laser-cut from sustainably harvested bamboo. These eye treats are made in the USA and packaged by a nonprofit organization that employs adults facing life challenges. $56, available at Tottini


MiYim Organic Ballerina
This demure rag doll is easy on the eyes, and on the earth, too: Made from natural (unbleached, unprocessed) cotton and colored with plant-based dye, the soft, plushy ballerina is sure to become your gal’s constant companion. $26, available at Tottini


Max’s Mud Gluten-free ‘Sculpting’ Dough
Let’s face it: Even when told (repeatedly) not to stuff play dough into their mouths, kids will feel the need to taste-test. Which is precisely why, in an only-in-Seattle move, North Beach mom Kimberly Smith created a gluten-free, organic version for kids who need to avoid flour. $3.99, available at


Swoop Bag
Help corral those Christmas toys with Swoop durable cotton canvas storage bags, made right in South Seattle. When open, the Swoop is a 44-inch-diameter playmat that corrals potential messes within its canvas edge. Pull the sturdy cord, and the bag cinches up in a jiff. $48, or Swoop Mini, $22. Available in 11 colors at


Native Shoes’ Howard Loafer
Lord knows, kids love their Crocs, but their stylish moms will hug you, squeeze you, love you after their little ones receive the stylish new take from Vancouver, B.C.–based Native Shoes; the same durable, breathable synthetic rubber sole but in a cool new loafer shape. $29.99–$34.99, available in baby, toddler, kids and adult sizes, at The Sneakery (two locations, including West Seattle, 4736 California Ave. SW; 206.397.4528;


All I Want Is Christmas Movie
Written, directed and produced by local filmmaker Sue Corcoran, and starring a slew of Seattle actors, this flick tells the charming tale of Ira J. Finkelstein, a Jewish boy who is obsessed with Christmas. Bonus for parents: an Elliott Gould cameo! $4.99, or $6.99 for high definition; available as video on demand from, iTunes, YouTube, Comcast and other providers


Luv Chicken
What do you do when junior is too big, or too squirmy, for the highchair, but not quite tall enough to reach the table while seated on your standard issue dining room chair? In days of yore, a phone book would do, but these days, with nary a phone book in sight, a Luv Chicken booster ($45) will do nicely. These lightweight four-inch tall square wonder cushions are covered in an easy-to-wipe-clean coated fabric and come in a variety of super cute patterns. A handle means they’re easy to transport and a non-slip bottom keeps it firmly in place, whether it’s at the dinner table, at the movies or at the piano. Available online at


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