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Seattle’s 45 Best Global Dishes

Think globally, eat locally: The best spots for world tastes in Seattle

Kaiseki, a Japanese tasting menu from Adana, on Capitol Hill (seasonally available)

Chelsea Lin and Naomi Tomky, with additional reporting by Rebecca Ratterman

Seattle’s 45 Best Global Dishes: Desserts

From colorful squares of Punjabi-style fudge to elegant slices of Swedish cake, these are a few of our favorite (local) international sweets

From top: Princess Cake Slice, Pista, Rose, and Lemon Burfi, and Gajrela, Pistachio Baklava, Flan, Strawberry Shortcake, Lord Chong Bai Tauy

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Chicken and Rice and Everything Nice

Enough with the teriyaki. A meal of chicken and rice is a staple around the world—here are just five of the many ways you can enjoy it nearby

Thai-style chicken and rice: Kao Mun Gai (boiled chicken) from Pop Pop Thai Street Food in Haller Lake

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The Great Hate Debate: Americanized Chinese Food

As we contemplate Seattle’s Chinese(ish) joints, from one of Seattle’s oldest to one of its newest, Chelsea Lin reflects on why we love—and love to hate— Americanized Chinese food

The ceiling decor at New Luck Toy, a new Chinese restaurant drawing big crowds

Chelsea Lin

Seattle’s 45 Best Global Dishes: African

Beef Suqaar—chopped beef with sliced bell peppers and onion dish from Somalia—from Juba Restaurant and Cafe in Tukwila. The banana is eaten alongside this dish as an accompaniment

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Seattle’s 45 Best Global Dishes: Latin American/Caribbean

Taco de Borrego—slow-cooked lamb—from Los Tacos Nacos in Burien

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Seattle’s 45 Best Global Dishes: Middle Eastern

Sabich—an Israeli pita sandwich with fried eggplant, eggs and hummus—from Eggs & Plants in Belltown

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International Food Fests, Global Etiquette and More

Food FestivalsWhere to go and what to eat at some of the city’s best international festivals When it comes to having access to a globe’s worth of native foods, we’re lucky for many reasons. The one we’d like to note in particular is the fact that Seattle is home to dozens of cultural festivals each…

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Seattle’s 45 Best Global Dishes: Asian

The dish that delivers the best of multisensory Lao food: Kao Nam Tod from Amazing Thai Lao Kitchen on Beacon Hill

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