Gray Matters

Reconsidering Seattle’s Unwritten Rules of Conduct

Where some Seattle behaviors are concerned, Knute Berger is coming around to the need for a little more broad-mindedness

Right of Way: In the past, ferry captains often had an audio signature that identified them; today, that blast probably signals a boater playing chicken

Knute Berger

Seattle Is Having a Midlife Crisis (Again)

Seattle experienced a midlife crisis 30 years ago, says Knute Berger. Are we having another one today?

MIDLIFE CRISIS PART 1: Tech pioneer Bill Gates and onetime Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth in a classic yearbook-style photo

Knute Berger

There’s a Cloud Over Seattle

Times are difficult in our fair city, says Knute Berger. Will balance and livability ever return?

It’s not just the weather that’s making life in the city more and more challenging

Knute Berger

A New Generation Is Embracing Seattle’s Nordic History and Culture

While the Nordic countries have long influenced Seattle, as the impact of the original immigrants wanes, a new generation is embracing the culture

A ski jump competition at Key Arena capped Nordic Week in the 1960s

Knute Berger

Why Cars Won’t Be the Answer for Key Arena Traffic

When the NHL comes to Seattle (and when the Sonics return), could the Monorail be used to manage the inevitable traffic snarl?

As plans move forward for the makeover of Key Arena figuring out how to get to and from hockey, basketball games and concerts is crucial. The Seattle Times recently ran an editorial underscoring the importance of getting people in cars to and from events. That is, and will be, a challenge. The so-called Mercer Mess…

Knute Berger

In 2018, Political Activism Gives Reason For Hope, Just As It Did in 1968

Times were grim in Seattle and the country 50 years ago. But there was reason for hope then, just as there is now.

Racial tensions 50 years ago led some Franklin High students, —and others—to political activism including Larry Gossett, in center, with glasses

Knute Berger

New to Seattle? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

For the city’s thousands of new residents, Knute Berger offers a few tips on how to better enjoy life here.

Get a good view of the city from one of our parks, including Gas Works Park on Lake Union.

Knute Berger

Seattle Used to be Edgy, Now We Make Unicorn Frappuccinos

There are signs that Northwest noir is being revived, but Knute Berger sees a sanitized version without the edge.

Our deep forests and gray days create the visual backdrop for moody Northwest noir.

Knute Berger

Why Can’t Seattle be More Welcoming to Tourists?

A little effort (on both sides) would go a long way.

I-5 signs through downtown can confuse tourists and locals alike

Knute Berger