Gray Matters

How Seattle’s activist past shaped the future of transportation in the region

Gray Matters: History, says Knute Berger, shows us that activism can make a positive difference in local projects.

Some Seattleites want to save the “ramps to nowhere” as a monument to citizen activism

Knute Berger

A New Vision of Seattle Center Comes into View

From a new high school to a refurbished KeyArena, Knute Berger sees visions under way for the next evolution of Seattle Center

KeyArena, originally called the Coliseum, is one of several things at Seattle Center in play for an upgrade

Knute Berger

In Progressive Seattle, the Goal Is Always up Ahead

We haven’t always been a progressive city, but Knute Berger finds hope in our continuing efforts to be better

Many Seattleites did not agree with these 1964 demonstrators who wanted to end housing discrimination

Knute Berger

Seattle, Island of Blue

The next four years will challenge Seattle, says Knute Berger. Are we up to the task?

On election night 2016, Seattle learned just how much of a national outlier it is. During the past eight years, the uplifting message of hope personified by Barack Obama led us to believe our own PR: that we were a national role model for social justice, the economy, reform and progressive politics in general. Our…

Knute Berger

Gray Matters: A Short History of Pike Place Market Tiles, Including Barack Obama’s

Selling tiles to raise funds for the Pike Place Market started in the 1980s. Today, you can buy a steel “charm” to help fund the market’s expansion

Knute Berger