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Whole Foods Tops Covid-19 Safety Survey

Whole Foods ranked high in areas such as mask use, sanitizing and enforced social distancing

Whole Foods ranked No. 1 of 33 brands across several industries for its coronavirus health and safety practices.  Whole Foods,…

Nat Rubio-Licht

Whole Foods’ Low, Low Prices Under Amazon Were Too Good To Be True

New study shows Whole Foods isn't getting as cheap as we thought.

You almost had us, Bezos.

Michael Rietmulder

Love Cafe Lago? Now There’s a Little Lago, Too

A new Cafe Lago market offshoot pops up at Portage Bay

To market, to market: Little Lago

Chelsea Lin

Recipe of the Week: Met Market’s Crispy Prosciutto Bruschetta

The chain's new Sammamish store opens Wednesday—try these toasts tonight

Everything is better on toast

Chelsea Lin

Introducing Amazon Go

The latest Amazon project is an actual grocery store, but one that promises no lines ever.

The future is awesome. And terrifying. But mostly awesome. Today in Amazon announcements, the local megacorp introduced us to Amazon…

Chelsea Lin

Bacon, Chicken and Steaks, Oh My!

Online retailer Zaycon Fresh promises truck loads of discounted protein, and not the expired kind


Chelsea Lin