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A new kind of healthcare is coming our way.

If you call Seattle home, you already know that a healthy, active lifestyle is a big part of what makes…

Seattle Mag

Managing Your Stress in Turbulent Times

How to take care of yourself or reach out to others

Traffic, chaotic calendars and never-ending to-do lists. Life will always have standard stressors, but now we have additional distress from…

Dr. Andrea Hartman

Now, More Than Ever: Seattle women speak on Roe vs. Wade and reproductive rights

They’re angry. They’re focused. They’re not about to give up.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s an…

Danny O’Neil

My Day at the Naked Spa

Otherworldly experience creates an overwhelming rush of emotions

It’s 12:20 p.m. I’m lying naked, face down on a waterproof massage table in Lynnwood. There’s a woman wearing gloves…

Dan Ray

Publisher’s Note: Conquering Cancer

Seattle is leading the way

There is always something to smile about. “On my hardest days of missing Josh, I open up his journals and…

Jonathan Sposato

Heartbeat: How Corvin saved my marriage

There are many ways to further your own happiness

Well, of course the headline is an overstatement, but really, this column is all about finding a way to cope…

Pepper Schwartz

Heartbeat: The Marriage Malaise

Marriage rates are as low as they’ve been in a century. Here’s why it matters.

Is marriage becoming a bridge too far? I’ve been thinking about marriage lately. Or non-marriage, as it turns out. The…

Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Why Health Equity Matters

Everyone deserves good health care. Here’s how to make it happen.

The turbulent journey of Covid-19 has taught us many lessons about the strengths and weaknesses of our health care system….

Dr. Nwando Anyaoku

Cancer Research: Trials & Triumph

For Dr. Nancy Davidson, the fight against cancer is personal

Dr. Nancy Davidson spent more than 30 years as an oncologist before cancer truly hit close to home. In 2011,…

Todd Matthews

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