The Best of Seattle’s Spring Hair Styles

Spring’s best styles—plus, tips on how to achieve the best look

By Lisa Baber, Sassoon Seattle Creative Director


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April 22, 2015

Sponsored by Sassoon Salon Seattle

This spring’s street styles are all about a bold new perspective on classic techniques with a deconstructed twist thinksubtle yet intricate braids, undone curls and feisty ponytails.

Sassoon’s new Blow & Style is not your average blow-dry. Our expertly trained team now offers a full menu of blow-drying and styling services designed to either subtly enhance or totally transform your hair.

You can choose from our extensive blow-dry menu, ranging from the sleek Signature Sassoon blowout or a captivating Glam Wave, to a more deconstructed Disheveled blowout or bohemian-chic Beach Wave. 


There’s nothing hotter or chicer this spring than braids: Whether you’re going for a lived-in French braid, a Coachella-inspired fishtail or a multiple braid flair, this style adds intricacy and gorgeous structure to any look. Braids are perfect for the low-maintenance hair devotee; they’re out of the way, and effortlessly festival-chic. To keep the braid modern, tie the last two inches with an invisible band.


Pro tip: For your best braid, work with second-day (or even third-day) hair — the natural oils and texture of your hair will increase the staying power of your braid! Rub the braid between your thumb and forefinger to give it more of a disheveled festival feel.


Pageant curls are out. All hail the polished wave: With an elegant side part and timeless Veronica Lake-style waves, this look transitions perfectly from the boardroom to dinner, and everywhere in between.


The goal of this hairstyle is to achieve an elegant wave: Take small sections in a medium barrel curling iron, set each curl with a flat clip, and let cool to lock in the wave. Then, brush it out and form the curls into this full, sophisticated style. Pro tip: the lower the part, the better!


This isn’t your mother’s ponytail—this classic, pulled-back style has gotten a huge refresh and is no longer just for the gym or running errands. Structured, voluminous ponytails have become a statement that combines city slicker vibe with a downtown edge. With this ponytail, serious volume and texture give your mane a bold new vibe.


The key to this style is texturizing spray: dampen hair from roots to ends with product, then scrunch your hair using your fingers and air-dry. Pull the hair straight back into a loose pony and secure with an invisible band. Lightly tug at the hair in the crown to complete the disheveled look.  Pro tip: Avoid a drooping ponytail by looking up and lifting your chin skyward as you tie the ponytail

Pop in for a complimentary consultation and let our talented team of experts at Sassoon Salon Seattle talk with you about which spring look will work best for you.  Or, simply call for an appointment at 206.623.3685 and treat yourself to the ultimate experience in beautiful, effortless hair from the Sassoon Blow & Style collection.


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