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Video: A Seattle Drag Queen’s Visit to the Pot Shop

This article originally appeared on The Fresh Toast.  Marijuana retail stores are among the most inclusive establishments you’ll visit in…

Contributed by The Fresh Toast

Value-Based Health Plans: Healing Medicine?

Our medical costs are out of control. Some local companies are trying value-based health plans. Are they the answer?

Sabrina McKinney faced an important decision two years ago.  It was Boeing’s annual open enrollment period, when employees choose a…

Elaine Porterfield and Leslie Helm

Local Grief Support Group Hosts Autumn Bonfire Event

Providence Hospice of Seattle offers activity-based grief support event

With a small bundle of sticks laced with sprigs of rosemary, the Providence Hospice of Seattle is giving adults, children…

Kasee Bailey

Pain Point: Taking the Opioid Addiction Problem Seriously

Is the medical community doing enough to solve the opioid addiction problem?

When Rose Dennis’ 12-year-old son developed leukemia, it seemed that nothing in the world could be scarier. But she was…

Elaine Porterfield

A Disturbing Trend: Evidence in Rape Cases Often Goes Untested

The backlog of untested rape kits goes back years, and it's hindering the justice process

The night she was at a Seattle bar and left her seat to visit the restroom, Leah didn’t expect the…

Elaine Porterfield

Just Say Om: The Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation may help you feel less stressed, but studies show it also helps with pain

On Wednesdays, the mood of the midday crowd at Seattle’s Frye Art Museum on First Hill is contemplative. Many people…

Malia Jacobson

Instagram Inspiration: Get Active!

The Pacific Northwest offers an array of opportunities to get out and move your body

As one of the most active cities in the country, Seattle sure knows how to get out and move. And…

Sabrina Nelson

Travel Easy With New In-Home Health Service

TravelRx service eliminates trips to the office

Typhoid, dengue fever, measles. These aren’t diseases most of us worry about—until we start planning that trip abroad to countries…

Malia Jacobson

The Seattle Freeze: Botox in the Northwest

Cosmetic injectables are more popular in Seattle than you may think—and new treatments offer even m

Kara Montgomery*, a petite, blond, 45-year-old mother of two, is a regular at Cascade Eye & Skin Centers, a dermatology…

Malia Jacobson

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