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It Didn’t Take Long for Bike Cafes to Take Over Seattle

Cycling-themed cafés are making pit stops all over the city.

Since Métier opened two years ago, bike cafes have exploded in Seattle.

Alexandra Haupt

Mastering the Quintessential Northwest Sport Suddenly Gaining Popularity

Pickleball has some major steam. Here are some tips before picking up the paddle for the first time.

Wicked headband not required.

Gwendolyn Elliott

Seattle Hotels Are Wooing Guests With Weird Amenities Like Loaner Shoes

Hotels across the city compete in the amenities game.

The Edgewater Hotel’s loaner Brooks running shoes

Danny Sullivan, Callie Little

Goat Yoga is the Weirdest Fitness Trend Sweeping Washington

The latest yoga craze now has an outpost in the Seattle area.

No Kidding! Get bendy in the barnyard with goat yoga.

Caroline Craighead

4 Tips for Running a 5k with a Stroller

sponsored by Stroller Derby Seattle Kids and kids at heart will be rolling their way through Marymoor Park on October…

Abby Ashbacher

New Sea-Tac Spa Looks to Make Flight Delays Less Painful

Terminal Getaway Spa wants to pamper you while waiting for your flight.

It’s been a long time since a visit to the airport has seemed more like a luxury than a chore….

Nia Martin

Once Again, Seattle has the Handsomest Men

Seattle men spend roughly $682 per year on personal grooming.

Lookin’ good, fellas.

John Levesque

5 All-Natural Beauty Products Made in Washington

Must-try local products from toners to spritzes.

1. Sunny DaysGive skin a spritz of sunshine, whatever the weather, with Partly Sunny Tone Well vitamin D toner (1…

Seattle Mag

6 Tips for Surviving Seattle Traffic on a Bike

It's a jungle out there. Stay safe.

Madi Carlson of Cascade Bicycle Club gears up for a ride with her pup in South Lake Union.

Elaina Friedman

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