Work It Out at This New Assisted Stretching Facility

An Olympian and a chiropractor develop an innovative wellness program
  • VibraCussor's stretch practitioner working on a patient
WORKING IT OUT: A stretch practitioner works on a patient with a VibraCussor

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A good stretch can feel great, and it’s at the heart of a new wellness practice, Stretch 22 (downtown, 1913 Second Ave., 206.441.4143; Madison Valley, 2313 E Madison St., 206.325.6479), which was launched last October by former Olympic sprinter and University of Washington football Hall of Famer Ja’Warren Hooker and chiropractor Kris Sasaki. The two spent a year developing this innovative program, which combines active assisted stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (a fancy term that refers to using resistance to achieve deeper stretches) and a VibraCussor (a compact device that administers rapid vibrations in a localized area and encourages muscles to relax).

The goal of the 25-minute sessions ($39; monthly memberships available) is to improve flexibility and mobility while addressing injury prevention and stress reduction. “My clients started asking me to help them stretch because it feels good and has many benefits,” says Hooker, who has run a personal training business and was Sasaki’s patient. “We designed our studios to be a place you looked forward to visiting or could visit for a quick tune-up.” Professional athletes like Hooker have long understood the benefits of assisted stretching. This new service may make even weekend warriors feel like pros. 

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