Of Course Your Condo is This Stylish When You Own a High-End Furniture Store

A furniture and decor expert consolidates his belongings without sacrificing style.

By Callie Little


November 28, 2017

This article originally appeared in the November 2017 issue of Seattle Magazine.

How many people have four dining tables? “I did,” says Dan Flickinger, owner of the popular Seattle furniture and decor shop Kasala (downtown, 1505 Western Ave., No. 400; 206.623.7795). “I do like furniture. I had a pretty big house, and there were places for them, used for different functions, but I chose to downsize.”

Paring down didn’t equate to sacrificing style and personality, though. Flickinger searched for a versatile space where he could make practical use of the many furniture pieces he’s collected, which show his appreciation for crisp, clean, classic lines.

He’s found that space in a 20th-floor, 1,900-square-foot downtown condo, and a tour makes it clear where Kasala’s Italian modern influence comes from. Yet Flickinger also has a penchant for eclectic, colorful accents and art, which are expertly presented throughout, adding a touch of whimsy to an otherwise structured, minimalistic space. 

The entry showcases art collected throughout his travels to locales such as Australia and Cambodia, greeting guests before they continue along a hallway to an open area that includes a kitchen, living and dining area. Glimpses of Flickinger’s personality are all around: a childhood teddy bear rests on his office bookshelf; a potted teenage California redwood tree adds life to the balcony and serves as a memento of Flickinger’s participation in the Save the Redwoods League (he even has a grove of the trees named after him in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, in California); a stunning metal frame of sculpted, three-dimensional heads, each painted with a different face, hangs in the dining area—highlighting his appreciation for a diverse range of visual art.

The main room glows with natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer a sweeping view of skyscrapers and city streets, while a collection of unique lighting fixtures brightens shelves and corners. Lighting options transform the ambiance of his space for different occasions—from professional to moody. Variety in lighting, he says, is an absolute must for designing any space.

Another must? Wine, of course. “One of the real treats here is the fact that there are climate-controlled wine lockers you can rent,” he says, perfect for storing his 200-bottle collection.

Surrounded by his favorite things with a good glass of Pinot Noir and his handsome roommate—a ginger cat named Sugar Ray—by his side, Flickinger can unwind and entertain in a smaller, chic space that’s truly his own.


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