Edmonds: Best Seattle Neighborhoods 2013

A picturesque escape from the city—close enough that you can keep your day job.

By Seattle Mag


April 3, 2013

After a long stint of renting in Seattle’s lively Phinneywood neighborhood, I felt like I was “taking the black” (see: Game of Thrones) when I purchased my first home in suburban Edmonds last year. But, as a first-time home buyer, I couldn’t ignore the affordable prices, practically palatial square footage, gorgeous greenery and close proximity to an extended Greek/Serbian family. Besides, with commuter Sounder train service (and projected for 2023: light rail!), Edmonds is more convenient than you might think.

Only 20 minutes north of Seattle, Edmonds is not your typical bedroom community. Bustling yet low key, it boasts a ferry landing, great parks and schools, a growing restaurant scene, stunning peekaboo views of Puget Sound and the Olympics, and an adorable historic downtown that never fails to charm visiting urbanites into staying just a little bit longer.

Don’t miss: The patio at Five Bistro; movies at the quaint Edmonds Theater (it’s cheap to rent out for private parties); Yankee dip sandwiches by the fire at Rory’s of Edmonds Bar & Grill; dinner and cocktails at Bar Dojo; just about any Asian food you’re craving in the burgeoning International District on Aurora between 220th and 236th streets; and last but not least, the gorgeous beachfront off-leash dog park and marshland trail. And thanks to the train and ferry, you’re one ticket away from countless scenic and biking destinations around the Northwest.

Go-to for out-of-town guests: Grab a coffee to go at downtown’s Walnut Street Coffee, and then stroll along Main Street, browsing charming storefronts all the way down to Marina Beach Park.

Famous for: Home base of travel guru (and marijuana legalization activist) Rick Steves.

Bond Huberman is the seattlemag.com editor and has been an Edmonds resident since December 2012


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