Enjoy a Soak in This Seattle Made Wooden Bathtub 沉浸其中:西雅图匠心制造豪华木制浴缸将沐浴变为享受

本地工匠打造艺术品浴缸 A local woodworker turns bathtubs into works of art
NK Woodworking最近向市场推出了其独立式“莲花”浴缸的零售版(售价为3至4万美元),该浴缸融合了旧世界的典雅和时尚,又不失简洁摩登感。在乍暖还寒时沉浸其中,堪称完美。

艺术与舒适双剑合璧,NK Woodworking and Design (South Park, 1605 S 93rd St., Unit EG3; 206.486.3600; nkwoodworking.com) 出品的定制木浴售价3万美元起),彰显艺术,纵享舒适人赞叹。使用的材料是流行的沙比利红木创始人兼首席设计师Nathie Katzoff亲手塑型打造浴缸常见的陶瓷和金属浴缸有着更好的绝缘效果,保温时间也愈长每个浴都是工匠上百小时的倾心之作,闪发光的复合饰面宣示设计师的独特: Katzoff 不仅有着船只建造修复背景,他的身体里还藏着古老的工匠灵魂。他说我们的目标是做浴缸业的斯坦威或玛莎拉蒂。”将奢华浴缸推向新高  

Artistry and comfort combine to spectacular effect in NK Woodworking and Design’s (South Park, 1605 S 93rd St., Unit EG3; 206.486.3600) custom-made wooden bathtubs (from $30,000). Sapele mahogany is the popular wood of choice—shaped by hand using techniques employed by founder and lead designer Nathie Katzoff—and it insulates far better than typical porcelain or metal tubs, keeping bathwater warmer for longer. Each tub takes hundreds of hours to craft, and gleams with a composite finish that has its roots in boatbuilding; Katzoff’s background includes woodworking and restoration for a shipwright. “We aim to be the Steinway or Maserati of bathtubs,” he says, by taking luxurious baths to the next level.

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