Georgetown: Best Seattle Neighborhoods 2013

Seattle without the sanded edges.

By Jon Dove


April 1, 2013

Georgetown is a small neighborhood surrounded by a sea of industry. We’re like that tiny dust ball in Horton Hears a Who, easy to miss, but we are here! We know our neighbors, who become friends and then open a shop in a trailer or a yoga studio above a bar (in this case, the beloved Jules Maes Saloon and Eatery; It’s small town with grit, a shot of Mayberry chased with the Dead Baby Downhill, an epic bike-messenger race in its 17th year.

Don’t miss: For something special, try Sunday brunch at The Corson Building; the food, the garden, the century-old brick building with its tiled roof are pure magic. The freight train with the horn of Beelzebub 20 feet away is pure Dali. And there’s the much larger-than-life Hat ‘n’ Boots, once an iconic ’50s roadside attraction and now in retirement at Oxbow Park.

Go-to for out-of-town guests: If you are around on a Thursday or Saturday, Georgetown Brewing Company (brewers of Manny’s Pale Ale) offers tours of its brewery. You get samples, and the guides get animated. (The $5 cost goes to charity.)

Famous for: Carleton Avenue Grocery, the oldest continually run grocery store in Seattle (since 1911), which has a first-rate $9–$15 wine selection and gluten-free crackers; and the Seattle Brewing and Malting Company, which was the largest brewery west of the Mississippi and sixth largest in the world 100 years ago.

Jon Dove is an estate gardener and Georgetown resident of 52 years. His home garden is a highlight of the annual neighborhood garden walk.


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