How to Save Thousands When Buying a Seattle Home

Prevu's digital tools allow homebuyers to streamline search, save through commission rebates
| Updated: January 28, 2022

Many Seattle residents spend years saving up to purchase a home. The soaring mountains and expansive waterways surrounding the city attract first-time buyers and experienced homeowners alike.

With rising real estate prices, house hunters in Seattle can expect to spend large sums for a  down payment and closing costs on their dream home. But there is a way for savvy buyers to save thousands on their purchase and streamline their home buying process.

Prevu is a digital home buying platform that helps Seattle buyers save time and money. By partnering with Prevu, buyers gain access to advanced home buying tools, including the ability to search listings in their favorite neighborhood, schedule property tours with the click of a button, upload offer documents, collaborate with their agent seamlessly online, and save with the company’s Smart Buyer Rebate.

Homes throughout the Seattle area are costly, whether you are looking at a stately Victorian in Queen Anne or a high-rise condo unit nestled near Pike Place Market. Plus, buyers must come up with additional closing costs as well. Facing such high upfront costs, Seattle buyers are turning to brokerages that offer commission rebates as a way to make their purchase more affordable.

The truth is that many buyers across the country have never heard of commission rebates, which are sometimes called commission refunds. But savvy buyers in 40 states, including Washington, can offset high transaction fees by working with brokers who present buyers with a cash back on their transaction.

Usually, the listing agent and buyer’s agent split the broker commission. But because of the way Prevu streamlines the search process for buyers, their local buyer’s agents are able to pass along significant savings to homebuyers and provide a portion of their commission as a rebate to the buyer.

For example, if a buyer purchases a $1,500,000 home in Ravenna with Prevu, they can receive a commission rebate up to 2% of the purchase price, or a cool $30,000 after closing.

When buying a home, part of the fun is researching which part of Seattle is perfect for your life. Boaters will want to seek out homes on the shores of Lake Washington, while sports fans may want a unit in a high rise overlooking downtown Seattle. Regardless of a buyer’s desired amenities though, modern homebuyers want an online platform that provides transparency and control, where they can browse listings on the go and set up open house tours with a quick tap.

Prevu recognized this shift in consumer dynamics, creating its digital Smart Buyer Platform. This tool allows Seattleites to peruse listings and easily connect with the company’s home buying experts.

Buyers are prompted to enter details about their search criteria, and the platform takes care of the rest. Automated property alerts keep buyers up to date when their ideal home hits the market. And if a buyer is ready, they can easily set up tours, speak to a dedicated Prevu agent, upload documents, and even make offers with their agent conveniently via the Prevu platform.

But while searching is digitized, most transactions come down to the important moments of negotiation and closing process. That’s why Prevu agents focus their expertise on helping buyers secure a good deal in the critical final mile of the transaction process. Agents will help aspiring homeowners understand pricing in your area, negotiate terms to achieve your goals, and help them secure the home of their dreams.

Interested in buying a home or condo in Seattle? Browse listings in your favorite neighborhood and see how much you can save with Prevu’s Smart Buyer Rebate.

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