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Business Owners Protest Seattle’s Plan to Amp Up Bike Access on City Streets

Business Owners Protest Seattle’s Plan to Amp Up Bike Access on City Streets

Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan draws fire from business owners, who say creating bike lanes makes ind

Last summer, Seattle put Nickerson Street on a “diet.” The four-lane road was chopped down to two, with the sacrificed lanes becoming a center turn lane and a pair of bicycle lanes, one on either side. Many people were unhappy that the city Department of Transportation (DOT) eliminated auto lanes on busy N Queen Anne…

Seattle Homeowner: Can You Cut Down that Tree?

Seattle Homeowner: Can You Cut Down that Tree?

The City of Seattle is considering new rules that would remove protections on some ‘exceptional tre

It wasn’t a native tree. It wasn’t what most would call pretty. And it was so big it dwarfed the little cottage it had grown beside for the past 60 or more years. But the spiky, Seussian monkey puzzle tree that was cut down last January in Ballard by the home’s new owners had been…

Hot Button: Spirited Debate

Although previous attempts have failed, in November Washington voters will have a double shot at get

Two measures that would allow Washingtonians to buy bourbon and bacon in the same establishment—and take the state government out of the $849 million–per-year business of selling and distributing hard liquor altogether—are headed for the November ballot. Depending on your persuasion, the initiatives, if passed, will either end the state’s Prohibition-era monopoly, thus giving consumers…

Hot Button: Checks and Balance

Banks are getting out of the business of forcing overdraft protection on their customers. Will that

Checks and BalanceThanks to a particular high-volume coffee retailer and a piece of plastic that eliminates the need to fumble for cash, the morning latte that Seattle made famous has gone from luxury indulgence to routine convenience. But is that convenient indulgence worth the $35 you could end up paying for it? The “$35 latte”…

Hot Button: Class Struggles

In pursuit of excellence and equal opportunity, Seattle Public Schools has to convince parents that

Seattle Public Schools will reverse a longstanding tradition of allowing parents to choose their kids’ schools when it phases in a new “neighborhood school” student assignment plan in September for students in kindergarten, sixth and ninth grades. The district rewrote its 30-year-old boundaries and is now assigning students to schools closer to their homes. The…

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