There’s plenty to be excited about this month: Chefs and authors! Cheap eats! New ice cream options! Pimento cheese!

Two Seattle shops put the frozen dessert in prime position for a local takeover

Spring has nearly sprung! And not a moment too soon; this winter has seemed interminable. And while that’s a great excuse to continue the cold weather binge of hot toddies and comfort food, we’re looking forward to those first glimpses of asparagus and rhubarb on spring’s seasonal menus.

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Keep up that resolution to stay healthy and eat more turmeric, that beautifully orange spice you may recognize from the flavor of curry

Soon you’ll be able to get your hands on those amazing ice cream sandwiches again

But you can't have it until you help her buy a pasteurizer

Next month (if all goes right), you’ll finally be able to get yourself a gluten-free, maple-sweetened waffle cone filled with fresh juice sorbet and plant-based ice cream.

Portland’s Salt & Straw is one of the country’s most cult-favorite, chef-driven ice cream shops.