Instagram Inspiration: Sunday Brunch

An indulgent weekend meal that you deserve after a long workweek

By Kasee Bailey


July 13, 2016

After dealing with five weekdays of work, meetings, deadlines, commuting and other adult responsibilities, we deserve it: the weekend brunch. Arguably the best weekend meal, brunch is a relaxing and indulgent eating experience that involves sleeping in, joining with friends, drawn-out conversation, and as far as we’re concerned, a meal that doesn’t contain calories.

Follow the lead of these instagrammers and schedule this weekend’s morning (slash afternoon) meal.

1. Sarah & Audrey
Instagram: @twohungrygirlss

2. Hirokockp_
Instagram: @hirokocp_

3. My Fab5 Seattle
Instagram: @bestfoodseattle

4. hulyaozkurt
Instagram: @hulyaozkurt

5. Jason Price
Instagram: @jason.price.seattle