I'm originally from Santa Barbara, Calif., and although I love living here in Seattle, sometimes I get a little homesick for the fiery salsas, fresh, hot tortillas and marinated meats that are common in Southern California cuisine. 

Even though the Pike Place Market is one of Seattle's biggest tourist destinations, as a Seattle resident, it's still one of my favorite spots to hang out in the city. 

If you ask me what my favorite food is the answer is always—without hesitation—pizza.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for spring. There's almost nothing more beautiful than a sunny, spring day in Seattle.  When the clouds finally part and the sun comes out to play, our city really does sparkle. 

I'm craving a beach day!

Maybe it's because I'm from Southern California (something about you can take the girl out of California but you can't take the California out of the girl?), but I absolutely love the beach. 

Whenever I'm at dinner or out at a bar with friends, beer is always my drink of choice. 

As the cold winter month of February comes to an close, I can't help but get excited about the promise of spring in the near future.

Ever since I was a girl, I have loved Valentine's Day. 

What's for dinner?

Oysters are my always answer.