April 2013

Interior Designer Carrie Hayden’s Custom Window Dressing Creations

The Great Jones Home owner shares how she created this custom window statement

What’s the story behind this recent Capitol Hill projectThe client wanted us to put together a living room plan, as well as to finish off her dining room…[for which] she needed some window treatments. She wanted to bring out the beautiful value of the Gracie hand-painted wallpaper graciestudio.com that she had on one wall…something that…

Carrie Hayden

Seattle’s Restaurant Empire Builders

Seattle restaurateurs, it seems, have found comfort in numbers—numbers of restaurants, that is. Tom Douglas currently employs 650 people in his 10-plus businesses across the city. Sitka & Spruce’s Matthew Dillon and his partners have taken on the Pioneer Square neighborhood, with three new businesses opening along tree-shaded Occidental Plaza. Meanwhile, Renee Erickson—whose aesthetic hinges…

Seattle Mag

Mise en Place: Local Dining Trend in 2013

Putting it all in place.

Mise en place is the French kitchen term for all those chopped shallots, bacon bits and minced herbs a cook uses to assemble meals on the fly. These elements have traditionally been tucked away from diners’ sight. But in Renee Erickson’s airy new restaurant, The Whale Wins, mise en place is part of the picture….

Allison Austin Scheff & Sara Dickerman

Earthenware: Local Dining Trend in 2013

Dish Network

Like a proper frame sets off a fine painting, a handmade serving bowl or rustic earthenware plate is a showcase for your dinner. Several distinctive, locally made serving pieces caught our eye this year. From top: Two small bowls from Mamnoon made by West Seattle potter Akiko Graham, who works with stoneware clay (akikospottery.com); chunky…

Allison Austin Scheff & Sara Dickerman

Allison Narver Directs Boeing Boeing at Seattle Rep

Seattle director Allison Narver finds something fresh in a 1960s time capsule.

Boeing-Boeing will remain forever a 1960s set piece for two reasons. First, the acrobatic machinations of the plot hinge on a printed timetable of airline schedules, whereby the main character, Bernard, juggles his painstakingly timed liaisons with three hoodwinked fiancées, all flight attendants on different airlines. Second, the lothario’s deceitful world begins to collapse thanks…

Seattle Mag

Burger Bummer at Sam’s Tavern

The burgers and fries underwhelm at this new Pike Street joint.

If, going in, you knew that Sam’s was named for the original Red Robin—which was first called Sam’s Tavern, then Sam’s Red Robin before the owners dropped the “Sam”—and that it is owned by the son of one of the first Red Robin franchisees, you’d likely expect a pretty impressive burger. But at James Snyder’s…

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