April 2013

Gabe Johnson's Ramshackle Chic Style

Gabe Johnson’s Ramshackle Chic Style

Gabe Johnson, curator of Horses Cut Shop, explains his Americana garb.

Influences: Having grown up in a booming Aberdeen of the 1970s, when “every day was sunny” and all his girlfriends “tasted like bubble gum and vodka,” Gabe Johnson holds an almost religious reverence for “oil cans, muscle cars and slingshots,” and other blue-collar Americana from the 1940s-’70s, an era when things were made with pride….

SideCar App Simplifies Ride-Sharing

SideCar App Simplifies Ride-Sharing

Hitchhiking goes high tech with the new SideCar app.

Did you know there are countless people—right now, in your very own neighborhood—waiting to take you for a ride? What might sound sinister is actually quite the opposite, thanks to the new smartphone app SideCar (side.cr). Based in San Francisco and launched in Seattle last winter, SideCar uses GPS technology to help subscribers coordinate car…

ZappBug, an Eco-Friendly Bedbug Exterminator

ZappBug, an Eco-Friendly Bedbug Exterminator

A Wazzu grad cooks up a natural way to kill bedbugs.

In just one year, Seattle has crawled up 14 notches to become the nation’s 13th most bedbug-ridden city. Perhaps misnamed, bedbugs live not only between the sheets, but also in clothes, furniture, books and luggage (often their preferred method for expanding the insect empire), lying in wait until seizing the chance to chomp. They can…

Quantum Leap: The Bullitt Center Opens

Quantum Leap: The Bullitt Center Opens

The Bullitt Center opens to the public on Earth Day, April 22.

Just when you think the 43-year-old Earth Day is sputtering on the fumes of its hippie origins, something entirely new springs forth. Case in point: the new Bullitt Center, headquarters for the environmentally focused Bullitt Foundation, which opens to the public on Capitol Hill this month. Built to the most stringent green-building standards in the…

Flight of Fantasy: EMP's Pop Culture Exhibit

Flight of Fantasy: EMP’s Pop Culture Exhibit

Local artists are creating a new world of myth and magic at EMP.

How do you convey the wide-open, magical world of fantasy stories such as The Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride and Harry Potter in an indoor, cave-like museum space? Such was the puzzle EMP faced when planning its new long-term exhibit, Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic, which showcases pop culture artifacts (costumes, models,…

Road Trip to Whidbey Island's Welcome the Whales Day Festival

Road Trip to Whidbey Island’s Welcome the Whales Day Festival

Join the annual celebration to welcome the whales back to the Bering Sea.

WHERE: Langley, Whidbey Island. WHY: The annual Welcome the Whales Day festival (4/21. Free. Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 301 Anthes Ave.; 360.678.3451; orcanetwork.org), which celebrates the return of eastern North Pacific gray whales to Saratoga Passage during their 10,000-mile migration from Mexico to the Bering Sea. BRING YOUR OCTOPUS CAP: Join the critter parade (starts…

Sensational Middle Eastern Food at Mamnoon

Sensational Middle Eastern Food at Mamnoon

A sophisticated scene and fabulous Middle Eastern cooking thrive at Mamnoon.

Past an open kitchen, where chefs roll and bake fresh flatbreads, the air scented with toasted flour, and beyond the Moorish-tiled communal table, there lies the seductive and sophisticated dining room—all charcoals and candlelight—of Mamnoon. Former Microsoft execs Wassef and Racha Haroun opened the restaurant across the street from the popular Melrose Market late last…

The Eastside: An Express Lane to the American Dream?

The Eastside: An Express Lane to the American Dream?

A new immigrant story is playing out in Bellevue, Kirkland and beyond.

A Seattle magazine collaboration with Crosscut.com The world has converged on the Eastside in the past 20 years, and, as usual, preening Seattleites are the last to know. Many (and I confess I’ve been one) still picture Bellevue and its neighbors as a nowheresville of bland, homogenous strip malls and cul-de-sacs—“a yuppie, upscale, white-bread suburb,”…

Kathy Casey's Deviled Egg Bible

Kathy Casey’s Deviled Egg Bible

Deviled eggs: You’re either the type who politely lets them sit and gather film or you hover over the platter, eating them double-fisted. But can even the most ardent fan imagine a 150-page cookbook devoted entirely to deviled egg recipes? In the creative, whimsical way that only culinary consultant Kathy Casey can pull off, D’Lish…

Cooking with Sumac

Cooking with Sumac

At Cafe Munir, chef Rajah Gargour reaches for this zesty Middle Eastern spice every day.

Yes, sumac is a small tree. But that tree bears bright red berry-like fruit, which is crushed into coarse powder the color of brick. In this form, sumac is the paprika of Middle Eastern cooking. It’s an essential ingredient that chef Rajah Gargour relies on daily in the kitchen at Cafe Munir, the wildly flavorful…

New Century Theatre Company: Trial Blazers

New Century Theatre Company: Trial Blazers

This top local fringe theatre company plans an innovative staging of a Kafka classic.

Franz Kafka was a master at crafting absurd yet convincing scenarios (perhaps most famously in his man-turns-cockroach story, The Metamorphosis) and capturing the particularly human feeling of existential dread. You might have experienced a similarly surreal sense of displacement if you ever had the misfortune of being an immigrant detained for days or weeks at…

Donald Byrd's New, New Normal

Donald Byrd’s New, New Normal

The renowned choreographer celebrates his 10th year with Spectrum Dance Theater.

It’s been 10 years since choreographer Donald Byrd alighted in Seattle to take the helm at Spectrum Dance Theater. Previously, he gained acclaim for his work as founding artistic director (1978–2002) of the Los Angeles–born and later New York City–based Donald Byrd/The Group. Once here, he continued to garner notice, thanks to his daring, dark…