April 2013

Long Queues for Kukai’s Ramen

Kukai's first stateside outlet delivers delightful ramen.

Among Seattle’s food set, there is much debate over which restaurants—if any—make the city’s best dim sum, bagels, pizza and ramen. And so, soon after Kukai Ramen & Izakaya, the first stateside outlet of a popular Japanese chain (“Kookai” in Japan), opened in December, the local ramen-ati lined up to judge for themselves. The crowds…

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Bread of Life

I love a great meal at a great restaurant (the evidence: our Best Restaurants feature). But sometimes, what I crave for dinner is simple: very good bread, very good butter and a glass of earthy, dry red wine. Lately, when I practice this simple ritual, it’s with the incredible sourdough from Sitka & Spruce. The…

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Gone Fishin’: The Bait Shop’s Midwest Charm

Kick back at the Bait Shop on Capitol Hill

Nestled in the calm northern curve of Broadway on Capitol Hill, Bait Shop conjures a cozy lakeside lounge in the 1970s Midwest, a spot where you might grab a beer—and worms for fishing—but this update has far better offerings. ZOMBIES AND PAINKILLERSFrom the old beer signs to the stuffed marlin adorning the wood paneling—and even…

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Seth Damm’s Deconstructed Rope Jewelry

Fine artist Seth Damm creates wearable art from cotton rope.

Fine artist Seth Damm (sethdamm.net) knew he was on to something early in the creation of his Neon Zinn rope necklaces. “There’s just something about them that makes people want to touch them.” And wear them. Using 100 percent organic cotton rope made by a small family business in Pennsylvania, Damm dyes, deconstructs and reforms…

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Give Back with Miir Bikes

Buy a Miir bike, and this Queen Anne company donates one to someone in need.

Since 2010, Queen Anne–based water bottle company, Miir, has built nine wells that supply clean water to some of the 1 billion people worldwide who do not have access to it. Last September, spurred by a desire to benefit underserved people in other ways, Miir CEO Bryan Papé added a line of bicycles to the…

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Death and Taxes: Chanel Reynolds’ End-of-Life Planning Website

Chanel Reynolds helps take the terror out of end-of-life planning.

It sounds like a classic object lesson: a successful freelance project manager who planned for others’ every contingency, but didn’t cover her own bases. That’s exactly the situation Chanel Reynolds found herself in when her husband died in a bike accident and she faced the biggest project she’d ever manage: getting her financial life in…

Naomi Craw