April 2014

The Best New Washington Wines

The Best New Washington Wines

All the latest trends in winemaking and top new Washington wines

!–paging_filter–pWashington wine is coming of age in a big way, with a tally of a href=”http://local.seattlemag.com/article/seattle-magazines-eighth-annual-wash…“more than 750 wineries/a, top scorers in the national media, and exciting educational winemaking programs in Seattle and Walla Walla that are bringing young talent to the dynamic and ever-evolving vineyards and wineries in our state. The old guard is…

Seattle Magazine's 3rd Annual Food Establishment List: The National Impact Edition

Seattle Magazine’s 3rd Annual Food Establishment List: The National Impact Edition

Meet the 45 people, collectives and companies that put Seattle in the national food atlas

!–paging_filter–pFor the last couple of years, our annual survey of the food landscape in Seattle has ranked the individuals and organizations that make this a delicious city for eating and drinking. This year, in honor of recent break-out stars Macklemore and the Seahawks, our Food Establishment list focuses on Seattle’s impact beyond the city. Meet…

Seattle Restaurants: New Trends in Dining Out

Seattle Restaurants: New Trends in Dining Out

From nose-to-tail dining to teeny tiny restaurants, we explore how we're dining now

!–paging_filter–pspan style=”color: #ff6600;”[pioneer square as dining destination] /spanbrstrongBest of the trend: Little Uncle/strongbrThere’s a bit of a speakeasy feel to the new Little Uncle, which is tucked below street level in an old brick building on Yesler in Pioneer Square (88 Yesler Way; 206.223.8529; a href=”http://www.littleuncleseattle.com” target=”_blank”littleuncleseattle.com/a). Inside, the atmosphere is boisterous, and chef-owners Wiley…

21 Dishes We Loved from Seattle Restaurants

21 Dishes We Loved from Seattle Restaurants

!–paging_filter–pstrongPasta Bolognese at Il Corvo /strongbrIf you could only order one thing at a href=”http://\/\/seattlemag.com.239elwb01.blackmesh.com/article/cheap-eats-il-corvo“Il Corvo/a, we’d suggest green garlic pesto—a gorgeous spring memory from last year. But who knows when you might catch such a seasonal treat on the pastaria’s ever-changing menu. Instead, we’ll steer you to any one of Mike Easton’s house-made pastas:…

Things to Do in Seattle: Sculptor Debra Baxter's New Show 'All I Ever Wanted'

Things to Do in Seattle: Sculptor Debra Baxter’s New Show ‘All I Ever Wanted’

Seattle sculptor Debra Baxter conveys the pull of gravity with a light touch

!–paging_filter–pDebra Baxter is renowned for creating work that contrasts spiky crystals against smooth stone, stunning beauty against repulsive physical reality. Her new show,em All I Ever Wanted/em, features alabaster, crystal and mineral sculptures, as well as cast metal pieces, including a twisted human neck made of aluminum and a female pelvis in bronze. But the…

The Mariners Home Opener is Today!

The Mariners Home Opener is Today!

Cheer on the M's against the Angels on Tuesday, April 8

!–paging_filter–pThe fact may have slipped many 12th Man minds, but Seattle also has a baseball team. The M’s kick off the season against the Angels at Safeco Field (a href=”http://www.mariners.org” target=”_blank”mariners.org/a). And for a captivating hit of local baseball history, visit the new exhibit emPitch Black: African American Baseball in Washington/em at the Northwest African…

The Best New Restaurants in Seattle 2014

The Best New Restaurants in Seattle 2014

The latest crop of eateries, opened between Sept. and Dec. 2013, that more than deliver

!–paging_filter–pThe deliciously challenging process of selecting Seattle’s best restaurants and dishes is as much about defining a href=”http://\/\/seattlemag.com/article/seattle-restaurants-new-trends-dining-out” target=”_blank”how we eat now/a—nose-to-tail dining, teeny tiny restaurants, open flame cooking, to name a few trends—as providing a don’t-miss list of epic eats around town. Bon appetit!/phrpstrongBonus: /stronga href=”http://\/\/seattlemag.com/gallery/gorgeous-spring-fashions-youll-want-we…” target=”_blank”See some of our favorite stylish restaurants star/a…

Seattle's 'Barefoot Ted' on Why You Need to Invest in a Solowheel

Seattle’s ‘Barefoot Ted’ on Why You Need to Invest in a Solowheel

“Barefoot Ted” pops a wheelie

!–paging_filter–p“We’re from the future. Don’t worry, you’ll be here soon enough.” That’s what North Capitol Hill’s Ted McDonald, 49, tells mystified onlookers as he rides around town on his new passion, the Solowheel. Known best as “Barefoot Ted,” thanks to his evangelic embrace of the barefoot running craze (which includes his founding of minimalist footwear…

A Republican Governor for Blue State Washington? It Could Happen

A Republican Governor for Blue State Washington? It Could Happen

Congressman Dave Reichert’s political instincts could put a Republican in the governor’s office

!–paging_filter–pIt is likely the measure of any good cop: being in the right place at the right time. For Dave Reichert, former sheriff, now representative ofnbsp; Washington’s redrawn 8th Congressional District and the state’s highest-profile Republican, this uncanny positioning has also held true for his political career. With former Attorney General Rob McKenna returning to…

Meet Washington's New Poet Laureate: Elizabeth Austen

Meet Washington’s New Poet Laureate: Elizabeth Austen

The state’s new poet laureate aims to help people discover the power of poetry

!–paging_filter–pCall it the lament of the poet laureate: having people come up to you and confess, “Poetry makes me feel dumb.” Elizabeth Austen, Washington’s newly crowned poet laureate (the third in state history), says that over the course of her many years as a poetry writer, promoter and teacher, she can’t count the times she’s…

Pretty and Print-Happy Plus-Size Women's Clothing Made in Seattle

Pretty and Print-Happy Plus-Size Women’s Clothing Made in Seattle

!–paging_filter–pFinding the right fit is a challenge for many women, but even more so for those who identify as plus size. Despite the demand, the supply of fashionable, well-made and, most importantly, well-fitted clothing in sizes 14 and up is hard to come by. Enter wedding gown designer Olga Szwed, of Bellevue’s La Belle Rêve,…

Seattle Playwright's New World-Premiere Play Mixes Sex and Politics

Seattle Playwright’s New World-Premiere Play Mixes Sex and Politics

In 'Tails of Wasps,' local playwright Stephanie Timm pens a fresh take on a familiar story

!–paging_filter–pIn her previous work, Seattle playwright Stephanie Timm has written about a teenage girl who devolves into an ape (emOn the Nature of Dust/em), and a “grim (fairy)tale” about human trafficking (emSweet Nothing/em). In her new, world-premiere play, emTails of Wasps/em, she addresses the age-old story of a politician brought down by a sexual scandal….