April 2014

Miller's Guild Chef Mixes Up a House-Made Mayo

Miller’s Guild Chef Mixes Up a House-Made Mayo

Chef/partner Jason Wilson turns waste into wonder with his signature condiment, Motoraioli

!–paging_filter–pChef Jason Wilson grew up in a family of butchers, and as a kid in Minnesota, he relished the fatty, gnarly bit on the end of a roast. As a chef, he developed modern techniques and tastes, which are on display at Crush in Madison Valley, but with his newly openeda href=”http://\/\/seattlemag.com/millers-guild-bags-room-service-hotel-max” Miller’s Guild downtown/a,…

Knute Berger on Rediscovering Seattle's Culinary Offerings

Knute Berger on Rediscovering Seattle’s Culinary Offerings

Inspired by his foodie son, Knute Berger works up a new appetite for his hometown cuisine

!–paging_filter–pA little more than a year ago, my son, Gus, returned from 10 years in the desert. He went off to college in Albuquerque, worked for computer game companies there and in Austin, but finally, like a coho salmon, found his way home./ppHe seems happy to have traded in green chiles for green moss, but…

Nancy Guppy Interviews Visual Artist Joey Veltkamp

Nancy Guppy Interviews Visual Artist Joey Veltkamp

Nancy Guppy gets nostalgic with Seattle-based multidisciplinary visual artist Joey Veltkamp

!–paging_filter–pJoey Veltkamp is known for making art that highlights the beauty of comfort—such as his drawings of striped blankets, paintings of bears with rainbows and his sweet ceramic ghosts. In his new show, emThis Is Not a Protest. It’s a Celebration!/em, he premieres a series of handmade quilts and flags (one, an homage to Pussy…

The Winners of Seattle Magazine's 2014 Best Restaurants Readers' Choice Awards

The Winners of Seattle Magazine’s 2014 Best Restaurants Readers’ Choice Awards

!–paging_filter–pIn this month’s cover story, on newsstands now and live online on April 17, our crack dining critic team presents their editors picks for the best dining experiences in the city. But we always know our readers have a thing or two to say, too. Behold, their selections in our annual Best Restaurants Readers’ pollstrong.brbrBest…