April 2015

The Winners of our 2015 Best Restaurants Readers’ Choice Poll

We asked. You voted. Here are your favorites

In our April 2015 issue, our food and dining editor Allison Scheff presented her picks for the 10 Best New…

Seattle magazine staff

9 New Restaurant Trends We Love

From growler-filling stations galore to house-churned butter, these are the trends on our radar

1. Fishy Fish Less flake, more flavor. Little silver fish—anchovies, smelt, sardines—and oilier fish, such as mackerel and herring, are…

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The 10 Best New Restaurants In and Around Seattle

Our list of 10 knockout restaurants you absolutely cannot miss starts right here

Poor us. We spent the year eating delicious things at new restaurants, and there were more than a few. We…

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Chophouse Row to Debut with Eats Aplenty

Capitol Hill’s second gourmet food market delivers platefuls of new tastes

With Chophouse Row’s debut (opening May 1 on 11th Avenue between Pike and Union streets), Capitol Hill will be home…

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New Book Traces the Evolution of Pot Legalization in Washington and Colorado

A local writer explores the unchartered world of legal weed

Back in 2012, environmental journalist Bruce Barcott was considering voting no on Initiative 502, due to a general distaste for…

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A New Less-Than-Expected Gastrointestinal Treatment

A revolutionary new gastrointestinal treatment takes guts

In 2009, a Seattle-area property manager, Michael (who asked that we not use his last name), developed a minor case…

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