April 2017

UW Engineering Students Take on Transit of the Future

Seattle to Portland in 15 minutes? UW engineering students may make it happen

Imagine traveling from Seattle to Portland in half the time it takes to get from downtown Seattle to Bellevue in rush-hour traffic. A University of Washington team of 35 engineering students is working to make this a reality with Hyperloop, a transit system that could zip Seattleites to Stumptown at up to 760 mph. In…

Elaina Friedman

Mindfulness Helps Increasingly Anxious Students Cope With Stress

Seattle kids are 800 percent above average—in anxiety—and mindfulness could be the cure

Keeping a Zen garden is a technique that promotes mindfulness

Elaina Friedman

Redmond Blogger Returns With Superhero Sequel

Redmond’s Jon Morris

Tim Appelo

Kirkland’s Trellis Restaurant Is Becoming a Gluten-Free Dessert Destination

A Kirkland pastry chef’s flour blends are making Trellis a gluten-free dessert hot spot

Jacquelynn Beckman's gluten-free desserts include flourless chocolate cookies (top) and chocolate terroir cake

Amy Pennington

A Sensory Match: New Wine and Perfume Pairings at Hotel Vintage

Hotel Vintage takes its passion for wine to the next level with the release of two complementary fragrances

Wine and perfume: finding a perfect match

Nia Martin

With His New Novel, Matthew Amster-Burton Trades Food for Music

Matthew Amster-Burton’s switch from mainstream publishing to Kickstarter got him a best-seller and a movie option

Matthew Amster-Burton’s new novel, Our Secret Better Lives, returns readers to the grunge era, focusing on Northwest kids stuck in Los Angeles while the whole world is going crazy over Pearl Jam. A former Seattle magazine contributor, Amster-Burton is known for his culinary writing and Spilled Milk podcast with Orangette’s Molly Wizenberg. His Pretty Good…

Tim Appelo