April 2018

Seattle Spring Fashion: Gray Is Giving Way to Season of Color

Step inside the newly renovated Hotel Theodore for our spring fashion photo shoot

This article appears in print in the April 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. Styling by Darcy Camden | Photographs by Hayley…

Nia Martin

How Seattle’s Wave Press is Celebrating National Poetry Month

The Pulitzer Prize-winning local poetry press is celebrating with four new titles

This article appears in print in the April 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. “It’s moving, but you can’t predict where it’s…

Gavin Borchert

One of the World’s Biggest Indoor Farms Is Now Growing Food in Kent

Produce from Plenty's new vertical farm will be available to consumers later this year

ONWARDS AND UPWARDS: Plenty’s vertical farm grows produce such as the mixed lettuces pictured here on 20-foot-high, soilless, LED-warmed towers

Gwendolyn Elliott

City Scaping: Finding a Balance Between Green Transportation and Safety

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

"I am all for green transportation options, but I’m even more for safety"

Rachel Hart

The Curious Backstory of an Epic Cocktail from Wallingford Bar Pablo y Pablo

A stealth combo of fruit and spice come together in this cocktail, created by a bartender lost too soon

Chad Phillips pays homage to a former coworker and friend with his take on an El Diablo

A.J. Rathbun

7 Seattle Plant Shops to Get You Ready For Spring

Don’t just eat your greens—bring ’em indoors. These shops are our favorites for their selection of indoor plants and artful ways to display them

A potted house plant in an artful planter can be a versatile piece of home decor

Dylan Joffe