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Your Guide to Teatime in Seattle

This isn’t your grandmother’s teatime—meet the new crop of globally inspired spots that offer a twist on this ritual

Matcha warabi mochi parfait and hojicha latte at Nana's Green Tea

Naomi Tomky

Q&A: Top Doctor Humera Ali Says Healthy Diets and Self Care Are Key to Heart Health

One of this year's top doctors shares insight on the difference between caring for men and women in cardiology

BEAT WATCH: We can all help our heart health by improving our diet, getting exercise and reducing stress, says cardiologist

Danielle Hayden

Cruise Clean With This Green, Seattle-Made Boat Motor

A Seattle-based company is making waves with a boat motor that's clean and green

CLEAR WATERS: Cruise guilt-free on a boat with an electric outboard motor

Beau Iverson

Q&A: Seattle Top Doctor Heidi Gray Shares Insights Into the World of Women’s Cancer Care

One of Seattle's top doctors shares insight on being part of the team that led to the approval of a new therapy

WOMEN'S WORK: Dr. Heidi Gray pioneered a post-op program for patients with gynecologic cancers that’s helping them recover more quickly,

Danielle Hayden

Q&A: Top Doctor Tony Huynh Helps People See the Path to Eye Health

One of Seattle's top doctors shares insight on the patient behavior he wishes he could change

SEEING CLEARLY: The impact of some serious eye diseases, like diabetic retinopathy, can be minimized with early detection, says ophthamologist

Danielle Hayden

Get Versed in Nature With This Poetry Map of WA State’s Most Inspiring Locations

A new website maps poetry-inspiring locations around the state

STIRRING SIGHT: Shi Shi Beach is among the state’s scenic places that has inspired poetry

Lena Beck