August 2018

7 Best Hot Springs in the PNW

They’re not as common here as in Yellowstone, but our thermal waters are worth seeking out

Visitors to Oregon’s Umpqua Hot Springs enjoy soaking in water that’s 100- to 115-degrees

Danielle Centoni

A Guide to Floating on the Yakima River

A 16-mile stretch of the Yakima River is popular with float fans

This article is part of the cover story for the August 2018 issue. Find more from the story here. Click here to subscribe. Each summer, a 16-mile stretch of the Yakima River between Ellensburg and Yakima along State Route 821 (Canyon Road), with its cool, refreshing, rapid-free water, attracts hundreds of float fans: kids and adults whose idea of…

Sarah Edwards

Your August Music Festival Exercise Plan

If you walked from one Seattle concert to the next, how many miles would you walk?

This article appears in print in the August 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. Suppose you were lucky enough to score tickets (or free entry) to this month’s major music events, but because you’re a fitness-conscious, green Seattleite, you decided to walk? How many miles would you rack up, you Fitbitting fool? KEXP Concerts at the Mural, Fridays,…

Gavin Borchert

Rafting the Wenatchee River Is an Epic Adventure

A ride down the Wenatchee delivers chills, thrills—and family bonding moments

A guide with Blue Sky Outfitters leads a boatload of thrill-seekers through rapids on the Wenatchee River

Roddy Scheer

New Seattle Art Fair Artistic Director on Exploring the Good, Bad and Ugly of Tech

Philly native Nato Thompson says this year’s fourth annual expo will explore changing forces within Seattle’s art scene

Bay Area artist Mark Pauline with one of his art machines

Gavin Borchert

Washington’s Best Rafting Rivers

Plus: when to go, what to wear and how far they are from Seattle

Rafters pause for a moment on the White Salmon River near Vancouver, Washington

Roddy Scheer