August 2019

Kick It with Kebabs from Seattle’s Only Ghanaian Food Truck

The city’s only Ghanaian food truck focuses on fuel for athletes and revelers

PLAY BALL: A longtime presence in the Seattle soccer scene, Priestwick Sackeyfio launched his food truck in 2015

Naomi Tomky

The 7 Wonders of Washington State

From Mount Rainier to the Hoh Rain Forest, the places every local should visit

FLOWER POWER: The wildflowers around Mount Rainier are at their peak in July and August

Roddy Scheer

New Approach from a Seattle Pilot Program Aims to Reduce Homelessness in King County

People with mental illness and/or drug addiction make up a small fraction of our homeless population, yet are among the most visible members of that segment. Can a pilot program get them off the streets for good?

This article appears in print in the August 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. On a day in late spring, David Lucas, 26,…

Erica C. Barnett

Honorable Mentions: Even More Wonders of Washington State

Done with the seven wonders? Add these five other beauty spots to your bucket list

The rolling hills of the Palouse

Roddy Scheer

Human Composting Becomes an Option in Washington, But Is It for Everyone?

Human composting will soon be a choice in our state, but Knute Berger has a different end in mind

AFTER LIFE: Walking through Lake View Cemetery in Seattle is a walk through Seattle’s past; the cemetary holds the gravesites

Knute Berger

The Works on First Hill Reignites the Seattle DIY Spirit

With her business, Kellie Phelan is tapping into the DIY community

IT'S ALL ON THE TABLE: Kellie Phelan readies the big wooden table for a class in canning. The table is

Lena Beck