December 2013

Best  Worst of 2013: Seattle Transportation

Best Worst of 2013: Seattle Transportation

The year in planes, trains and automobiles…and tunnels, bridges and ferries

!–paging_filter–p[trains]brstrongMud Bath /strongbrCommuters using Sound Transit’s Sounder north line in Everett during the 2012–2013 winter are forced to secure alternate transportation 122 times due to mudslides, rocks and other debris blocking the tracks. brbr[tunnel]brstrongTunnel Vision/strongbrIn April, Elizabeth Campbell, a Magnolia resident and relentless objector to removing the Alaskan Way Viaduct (She loved car rides on…

The Best  Worst of 2013

The Best Worst of 2013

Seattle's most memorable moments in food, social media, photos and beyond

!–paging_filter–pBefore we rush blithely into the new year, we take a moment to consider the year that was, pressing the replay button on the best and worst of Seattle in 2013. Read on for all the memorable moments. brstrongbra href=”http://\/\/…” target=”_blank”What’s In and What’s Out in Seattle Food/abrbra href=”http://\/\/” target=”_blank”Year in Photos: The Most Amazing…

Best & Worst of 2013: Seattle's Memorable Social Media Moments

Best & Worst of 2013: Seattle’s Memorable Social Media Moments

Tweets, Instagrams, blogs, vlogs and other Internet-based modes Seattleites used

AWKWARD MOMENTS IN SOCIAL MEDIACoffee with a Side of Snark: Local barista Matt Watson discovers nothing on the Interwebz can ever truly be anonymous when Bitter Barista, his secret satirical (and oft mean-spirited) blog that poked fun at patrons and his boss at Georgetown’s All City Coffee, was outed by a rival coffee blog. Watson…

Best  Worst of 2013: What's In and What's Out in Seattle Food

Best Worst of 2013: What’s In and What’s Out in Seattle Food

!–paging_filter–pstrongIN/strongembrTap Cocktails/embrTasty, punchy and made fresh daily, the cocktails created at some of our favorite bars, including a href=”http://\/\/” target=”_blank”Montana/a, Radiator Whiskey and The Bait Shop, make grabbing a drink simple, quick and easy. brstrongbrOUT/strongembrCask Wines/embrWhile several restaurants have poured wines (by Proletariat Wine Company and Wilridge Winery, for example) from a cask, small barrel…

Local Gift Ideas: Seattle Magazine's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Local Gift Ideas: Seattle Magazine’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Are you a last-minute gifter? Don't fret, perfect present ideas for everyone on your list

!–paging_filter–pspan style=”font-size: 16px; font-family: Calibri; color: #000000; background-color: transparent; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline;”This year’s gift guide is a showcase of local talent, from shopkeepers to artisans, with ideas ranging from hostess gifts to luxury goods for everyone on your list. Browse all the different categories below to find the…

Nothing to Wear? 8 Perfect Holiday Party-Ready Outfit Ideas

Nothing to Wear? 8 Perfect Holiday Party-Ready Outfit Ideas

What to wear when your holiday party invitation reads 'creative cocktail'

!–paging_filter–pThe invite reads “creative cocktail attire,” but your closet is filled with tame, everydayoutfits. If there’s ever a time to shake things up beyond basic black—with sequins, metallic, satin and a fierce punch of color—it’s the holidays. As your dance card fills up this season, step outside your comfort zone with festive looks from local…

The Best Local Liquor to Stock in Your Home Bar

The Best Local Liquor to Stock in Your Home Bar

A.J. Rathbun and five of Seattle’s bar stars recommend their favorite local booze

!–paging_filter–pstrongTHE PANEL: /strongbrAndrew Friedman, Liberty BarbrAndrew Bohrer, Vinum ImportingbrCourtney Matzke, Rob RoybrKenaniah Bystrom, EssexbrAmanda Reed, Tavern LawbrA.J. rathbun, emSeattle /emmagazinebrbrspan style=”font-size: large;”strongVODKA/strong/spanbrstrongRain City Spirits Vodka /strong(SoDo; $22–$26, retail;a href=”” target=”_blank”“This is very solid vodka, great in martinis or Cosmopolitans. It doesn’t taste like ethanol, and has good balance.” em—Kenaniah Bystrom/em/ppimg src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/12_13_rain_city_spirits_vodka-final.jpg” style=”vertical-align: middle; margin:…

2013 Gift Guide: Gifts Under $30

2013 Gift Guide: Gifts Under $30

!–paging_filter–pTuck a gift card into a canoe pencil case, $23, with pencils, $10, both from Fleurt (West Seattle, 4536 California Ave. SW; 206.937.1103; a href=”” target=”_blank” Everyone needs a place to jot down their deep thoughts: Compendium journals, $6.95, at Fireworks (multiple locations including Westlake Center, 400 Pine St.; 206.682.6462; a href=”” target=”_blank” are just…

2013 Gift Guide: For the Man in Your Life

2013 Gift Guide: For the Man in Your Life

!–paging_filter–pManscaping is easy, given the right tools. A rose gold Mühle shaving brush, $140, straight edge Dovo razor crafted out of yew wood, $237, andnbsp; Mühle chrome razor, $65; em(all pictured above)/em all from WardCo. (downtown, 1304 Fourth Ave; 206.971.0951; a href=”” target=”_blank” brbrPair that new razor with Pirouette Essential’s Wild Spruce cologne and shaving…

The Superstar Bartender: Erik Carlson

The Superstar Bartender: Erik Carlson

Bar operational director for Bastille, Poquitos, Stoneburner, Von Trapp’s and Macleod’s

!–paging_filter–pAfter learning his trade in San Francisco favorites such as Scala’s Bistro and others, Erik Carlson moved back to his hometown of Seattle in 2008 to open the bar at Ballard’s Moshi Moshi. He soon garnered a reputation for crafting intriguing and delicious drinks. In 2011, he became bar manager at Ballard’s French outpost, Bastille….

What's Shaking Now: Drinks of the Moment

What’s Shaking Now: Drinks of the Moment

!–paging_filter–pstrongPLANTING THE SHRUBS/strongbrWhile “shrub” sounds like it might echo the veggie cocktail trend, it actually goes back much farther—to the vinegar-based drinks, or shrubs, that our forefathers and foremothers imbibed in Colonial times. Now, shrubs are popping up everywhere as cocktail ingredients, froma href=”http://\/\/” target=”_blank” Capitol Hill’s Canon/a’s Campfire in Georgia ($18), which boasts a…

Chic Eats at Fremont's Vif

Chic Eats at Fremont’s Vif

!–paging_filter–pa href=”http://\/\/” target=”_blank”Opened by two industry pros, Vif /a(French for full of life) serves a menu that’s meant to balance the Fremont neighborhood’s hefty food options: Uneeda Burger, Dot’s Delicatessen and Paseo. Owners Shawn Mead and Lauren Feldman, who’ve worked at several places in town, including The Walrus and the Carpenter and the late Campagne…