December 2013

Treat Your Complexion with Climate-Specific Skincare

Treat Your Complexion with Climate-Specific Skincare

The Partly Sunny line caters to Northwest complexions

!–paging_filter–pWhen the sun goes into hibernation and Seattle acquires a seemingly permanent damp sheen, your mood isn’t the only thing that shifts—your skin does, too. That’s why Northwest native Susan Grace, a longtime aesthetician whose Suite 300 Skincare salon is based in Ballard, decided to develop a “climate-specific skin wellness system.” The Partly Sunny (a…

Local Bands Take the Spotlight on 'Band In Seattle'

Local Bands Take the Spotlight on ‘Band In Seattle’

A new television show brings Seattle bands to the tube

!–paging_filter–pGiven its long history as a city of music, it’s a little surprising that Seattle hasn’t had a regular television show dedicated to emerging local bands. But that ends this month with the premiere of BAND IN SEATTLE (Saturday nights at 11 p.m., beginning 12/7, on local channel KSTW, aka CW11;a href=”” target=”_blank” The…

Locally Made Goods Delivered to Your Door

Locally Made Goods Delivered to Your Door

Sign up for a subscription to locally made goodness

!–paging_filter–pArtisanal. Handcrafted. Small batch. While we may roll our eyes at the current worship of these buzzwords, there’s no denying that they signify products made with different priorities than those of giant companies. The Pacific Northwest is a bastion of such quirky innovations—so much so that it can be hard to keep track of all…

Inspiring Architecture of Seattle Churches

Inspiring Architecture of Seattle Churches

Here’s the church, here’s the steeple: a new book celebrates the architecture of houses of worship

!–paging_filter–pSome of Seattle’s most spectacular architecture can be found in local churches, but those among us who go to church—perhaps only at this time of year—rarely explore beyond the familiar. A new book makes clear what a shame this is by showcasing the tremendous diversity found in church design. emInspired: Churches of Seattle/em, by Rick…

The Big Problem with the Methow's Little Hut

The Big Problem with the Methow’s Little Hut

A cabin designed by a big-time architect has the small town of Mazama in an uproar

The dirt road up Flagg Mountain is not for the fainthearted—or the low-clearance car. It is steep and narrow, with hairpin turns snaking through woods and scrub. But the views at the top are more than worth the teeth-chattering drive: The craggy peaks of the North Cascades fan off to the west, and the Methow…

Point, Click, Collect

Point, Click, Collect has entered the fine art biz

In October, adored and anonymous British street artist Banksy—whose work customarily fetches tens of thousands of dollars—set up a simple stall at New York’s Central Park and offered his own original spray-painted pieces for $60 each. He staffed the booth with a nondescript older man wearing a baseball cap and a vest. No sales happened…

Head North for the Whistler Film Festival

Head North for the Whistler Film Festival

!–paging_filter–pstrongWHERE: /strongWhistler, British Columbia, for the WHISTLER FILM FESTIVAL (12/4–12/8; a href=”” target=”_blank” strongWHAT: /strongImagine Telluride’s famed movie fest with fewer Hollywood A-listers, more Canadian accents, and arguably better mountain views and skiing. This year, après-ski celeb sightings could include Jason Priestley, whose debut directorial effort, Cas Dylan, kicks off the fest. strongBONUS TRACKS: /strongTwo…

No Room for Your Wine Collection? Give this Local Wine Storing and Delivery Service a Spin

No Room for Your Wine Collection? Give this Local Wine Storing and Delivery Service a Spin

Store your wine off-site and have it delivered by courier directly to your door

If you’ve managed to amass a large wine collection (some would suggest you’re just not drinking it fast enough, but we digress) and don’t have space for a climate-controlled, cave-like room where it can properly age, Georgetown’s Phenol55 may provide that subterranean solution. The full-service wine-storing biz offers the works when it comes to cellaring…

The Results Are In! Winners of the Best of 2013 Readers' Choice Poll

The Results Are In! Winners of the Best of 2013 Readers’ Choice Poll

!–paging_filter–pspan style=”font-size: large;”DINING/span/ppstrongBEST NEW RESTAURANT/strongbrMiyabi 45thbrWallingfordbra href=”” target=”_blank” FOOD TRUCK/strongbrMarination brMultiple locationsbra href=”” target=”_blank” PIZZA PLACE/strongbrPagliaccibrMultiple locations bra href=”” target=”_blank” BURGER JOINT/strongbrRed MillbrBallard, Interbay and Phinney Ridgebra href=”” target=”_blank” CHEAP LUNCH/strongbrMarination brMultiple locations a href=”” target=”_blank” NEW BAR COCKTAILS/strongbrRadiator WhiskeybrPike Place Marketbra href=”” target=”_blank” LOCAL MICROBREW/strongbrManny’sbrGeorgetownbra href=”” target=”_blank” BREWPUB/strongbrElliott Bay Brewing Co.brBurien, Lake City, West…

Key Players: Seattle's Piano-Bar Pros

Key Players: Seattle’s Piano-Bar Pros

Seattle’s longstanding lounge pianists make the holidays special

!–paging_filter–pGiven the tendency of bars and restaurants to rely on Pandora Internet radio or iPod playlists to provide background music, it’s a rare and genuine thrill to walk into a joint and discover someone tickling the ivories on a real piano. That’s especially the case when you encounter one of Seattle’s longstanding piano-bar pros, such…

French on 15th Avenue: Capitol Hill's Le Zinc Reviewed

French on 15th Avenue: Capitol Hill’s Le Zinc Reviewed

!–paging_filter–pThe several-block radius around Le Zinc’s 15th Avenue digs is a little Italy: a href=”http://\/\/…” target=”_blank”Spinasse and Artusi/a are down the block, a href=”http://\/\/” target=”_blank”Anchovies Olives/a and a href=”http://\/\/” target=”_blank”Bar Cotto/a are just across the street, and there’s pizza nearby, too. So it’s a nice change of pace to lean over a steaming pot of…

Nancy Guppy Interviews Performer Dayna Hanson

Nancy Guppy Interviews Performer Dayna Hanson

Nancy Guppy gets real with Seattle dancer, actress and filmmaker Dayna Hanson

!–paging_filter–pMultidisciplinary performer Dayna Hanson is known for making stage work that is very smart, very funny and very strange. Her new show at On the Boards, The Clay Duke (12/5–12/8; $20;, delivers on that reputation. brstrongCOFFEE SHOP:/strong Macrina Bakery in SoDobrstrongDAYNA’S ORDER:/strong A glass of water and a slice of quiche. (No actual coffee…