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10 Classic Seattle Restaurants that Still Shine

These retro eateries offer experiential tastes of Seattle

Many classic Seattle restaurants have been around for a while: Canlis is celebrating its 65th year, El Gaucho is an…

Naomi Tomky

The Cost of Staying in Seattle

How do native Seattleites navigate major changes occurring within the city?

The city is changing, affordability is worse than ever, and longtime communities are “hollowing out,” as Seattle City Council member…

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Taichi Kitamura Shares His Favorite Seaweed Dishes

Sushi Kappo Tamura's owner and chef dishes about the edible sea plant that packs healthy nutrients

Seaweed, long revered in Japanese culture, is available as close as Puget Sound. But can we simply stroll down to…

Amy Pennington

Food We Love: Avocado Toast at The Fat Hen

The Ballard restaurant offers a delicious and wallet-friendly version of the trendy dish

Growing up, my favorite after-school snack was a piece of toasted white bread smeared with avocado. Today, chefs across the…

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The 9 1/2 Block Strategy is in Effect, But Are Citizens Safer?

Seattle police began cleaning up a seedy section of downtown months ago to target and reduce crime

When the Seattle Police Department (SPD) and Mayor Ed Murray’s office rolled out the 9 1/2 Block Strategy to clean…

Ari Cetron

The Best Holiday Drinks

Pop open some bubbly, grab a local cider or consider pairing beer with an elegant holiday dinner

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think holiday celebrations is popping open some bubbly. For…

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