December 2017

This Little Saigon Restaurant Nails Hard-to-Find Vietnamese Dishes

The owner of Huong Binh has raised a family—and a generation of Seattleites—on excellent food like bo la lot.

Betel leaf wraps the beef in the dish known as bo la lot.

Naomi Tomky

As the Seattle Boom Continues to Spread, This Quaint Maritime Town Could be Destined for Change

The next decade could be the high-water mark for Bremerton. What gets swept away?

Recently completed repairs to the fountains at downtown’s Harborside Fountain Park—whose cone-shaped structures mimic submarine towers—have made it an inviting place to gather and play.

Steve Scher

There’s a Reason This Japanese Comfort Food Joint is Always Packed for Lunch

Home-style Japanese food has proved popular in a neighborhood full of lunch options.

Salmon teriyaki bowl from Moon's Kitchen in Belltown.

Chelsea Lin

Worldly Couple’s New Bakery Brings Sweet Tooth ‘Adventure’ to North Side

From two new Seattleites comes Celine Patisserie.

What a tart Assorted sweet and savory tarts and gallettes are the house specialty at Celine Patisserie

Chelsea Lin

Seattle’s Uzbek Food Truck May be the Only One on the West Coast

A unique food truck brings Uzbek street eats to our city.

Many (really, most) Americans would have a hard time finding Uzbekistan on a map, let alone naming its national dishes. Suriya Yunusova and her daughter Asal, who run local food truck Tabassum, are out to change that—one plate of cumin-rich plov at a time. The duo may run the only Uzbek food truck on the…

Chelsea Lin

America’s Coffee Capital Serves Flavors From Around the World

Take your coffee or tea with a heap of tradition from another culture.

At Coffeemind, sugar is added in the process of making Turkish coffee (not after), and served with water and traditional Turkish delight.

Naomi Tomky