Seattle Magazine's The Must List

A Seattle Indie Rocker Goes Solo at Bellevue Art Museum

An indie music veteran constructs his sonic vision in 3-D

FLAMINGO FRETBOARD: Clyde Petersen’s 2018 cardboard, paper and ink piece, The Flamer

Gavin Borchert

Magnuson Park’s New Brewpub Makes the Neighborhood Cheer

Magnuson Café and Brewery was launched by the Mollusk Brewing and Dexter Brewhouse team

WINNER, WINNER: The fried chicken is a menu must-have, whether as a sandwich (shown here) or with biscuits at brunch

Chelsea Lin

Fed up With Seattle? Move to These Burgs

Thinking of leaving our beleaguered city? Knute Berger has a few ideas on where you might want to go

A SUNNY STATE OF MIND: Wenatchee has sun and is affordable, but locals don’t like the way Seattle escapees are

Knute Berger

ID’s New Boutique Is What Seattle’s Been Missing

Marcus Lalario's clothing boutique, Can't Blame the Youth, fills a void in the city

MIXING IT UP: Find streetwear, coffee and an art space at Can't Blame the Youth

Maggie Kerr

A Day in the Life of a Seattle Pop-Up Baker

Pop-ups may be nothing new in town, but this year fledgling bakeries have especially embraced them as a way to gain customers before taking on the heady costs of a brick-and-mortar business. But even a pop-up isn’t easy to pull off

CULTURE CLUB: Mariela Camacho rolls dough overnight to make sure her Mexican-inspired baked goods, like empanadas and conchas, are ready

Naomi Tomky

Pioneer Square Distillery Lets You Blend Your Own Whiskey

Copperworks’ whiskey-blending workshop lets you create your own perfect bottle

BARREL OF FUN: Copperworks co-founder Jason Parker holds the “dipping dog,” a tool used to extract whiskey from the cask

AJ Rathbun