February 2012

A Fair to Remember

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Seattle's 1962 World's Fair.

Fifty years ago, Seattle threw a party for the world. The World’s Fair—called The Century 21 Exposition—was a celebration of…

Knute Berger, Feliks Banel and Seattle Magazine Staff

A World of Difference

Our fearless editorial director reflects on the 1962 World's Fair and the lasting optimism it brough

In 2006, when we produced an anniversary issue celebrating this magazine’s 40-year evolution from Pacific Search, to Pacific Northwest, to…

Rachel Hart

Seattle Remembers the Japanese Internment

Seventy years ago this month, hundreds of Bainbridge Island residents were given 6 days to leave the

A wrenching chapter in our region’s history was written 70 years ago this month: the internment of thousands of Japanese…

Lisa Kinoshita

Boat Street Cafe’s Pork Chop

The double-cut Carlton Farms pork chop is outstanding.

In a town that’s plenty pork happy already (try to remember the last time you didn’t see pork belly on…

Seattle Mag

The Coterie Room’s Haute Comfort Food

In recent years, the simple comfort foods that star in our sepia-toned childhood memories have had an even greater pull…

Seattle Mag

LloydMartin Allures with Small Plates

A stylish new eatery opens on Queen Anne Avenue, serving food you won't want to share.

Sometimes a restaurant feels just right in its space. LloydMartin, chef Sam Crannell’s masculine den on Queen Anne Avenue (the…

Seattle Mag