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Spaetzle Occasion at Feierabend

Käsespätzle mit zwiebel-buttersosse anyone?

German brats that pop and burst with meaty juices, hoppy pilsners and citrusy wheat beers are what draw many of…

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Best Chocolate Shops

Our city hosts a bounty of boutique chocolate shops.

Intrigue Chocolates Co.Aaron Barthel says he wanted to be a mad scientist when he grew up. That dream nearly led…

Jess Thomson & Cody Bay

Questions for David Shields

In his new book Seattle author and UW professor David Shields answers the call of his own manifesto.

Seattle mag: What compelled you to write How Literature Saved My Life?  David Shields: I wanted to take [his previous…

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Seattle’s Best Candy Makers

Artisanal confectioners are giving candy back to grown-ups with an explosion of handcrafted treats.

Somewhere along the road from childhood to adulthood, our conception of candy shifts from direct arrow to the brain’s pleasure…

Jess Thomson & Cody Bay

A Bucket List for the Seattle Chocoholic

If we could create our dream box of chocolates, these 10 local treats would be in it.

Chocolate grows on trees, but after testing and tasting everything Theobroma cacao, we’ve learned one thing: Not all chocolate is…

Jess Thomson & Cody Bay

Bill: The Man Behind the Chocolate Man

After more than 20 years of making chocolates, teaching others and supplying local professionals with tools and products, chocolatier Bill…

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