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Hot New Designs from Mia Fioravanti

This Beacon Hill designer focuses on minimal, versatile and easy-to-wear designs.

Mia Fioravanti showed up on our radar thanks to a tip from Juniper boutique owner Lisa Clinton, whose Madrona shop…

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Inspiring Kids’ Tees from Peek

San Francisco–based Peek came onto Seattle’s retail radar in 2011 when it partnered with Nordstrom—a minority shareholder in the company—for…

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South Seattle’s DIY Chocolate Shop

Student crafted confections are a palate- and budget-pleasing choice.

Smack-dab in the middle of the main campus of South Seattle Community College (SSCC) is confectionary heaven, otherwise known as…

Taneeka Hansen

The Unsung Women of Grunge

The women of grunge rock play a starring role in an original new musical.

Grunge: The word still has the power to make longtime Seattleites cringe, conjuring as it does images of grubby cardigans…

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Where to See the Northern Lights This Season

Scratch the northern lights off your wish list with a trip to Alaska.

The first (and only) time Juneau native Katrina Heinz-Query remembers seeing the northern lights was on Halloween, when she was…

Megan Hill