February 2015

14 Close-to-Seattle Off-Leash Dog Areas

All the spots your pup can cavort without fear of reprimand

Denny ParkSouth Lake Union, 100 Dexter Avenue NA tiny (.1-acre) graveled area inside the city’s oldest park, surrounded by beautiful…

Dana Standish

31 Reasons Pets Love Seattle

There's never been a better time to be a pet in Seattle. And here's why

Walk around the city and you might see a cat atop a busker’s piano, a parrot fake-flying on a bicycle’s…

Lisa Wogan, Naomi Craw, Dana Standish and Rebecca Wallick with Lexi Bolton, Whitney Garrett, Elsy Pawelak, Lara Roché-Sudar and Jake Uitti; Unconventional pet interviews conducted and edited by Kimberly Downing

Great Food, Drink and Character at Ballard’s Brunswick & Hunt

The quest for storied drinks and worthy eats ends at Ballard’s Brunswick & Hunt

About 20 feet off Ballard’s busy 15th Avenue, and a few blocks west along the stretch of 70th Street that…

Seattle Mag

Vibrant New Murals in Seattle

Several new paintings have popped up in spots both widely visible and delightfully hidden

Whether you consider them free art exhibits, neighborhood signifiers, welcome distractions while stuck in traffic or lone bursts of color…

Seattle Mag

Texas-style Barbecue Comes to Seattle

Jack’s BBQ raises the bar for Texas barbecue in Seattle

For a guy who went to Texas A&M’s barbecue camp just a few years ago, Jack Timmons sure does get…

Seattle Mag

What’s Next for the Harvard Exit

Seattle’s Harvard Exit succumbs to the city’s new priorities

The Harvard Exit, which screened its final film in mid-January, didn’t start out as an art house movie theater. The…

Brangien Davis